The First and the last story.

by Milad
(Lattakia, Lattakia, Syria)


i am Milad from Syria this will be the first story for me on this site but unlucky this is the last one too.

before about 8 month ,my uncle has gave me a cute cat she was a Turkish angora with blue eyes, i gave her a name (Nancy).

she arrived at my home and she is 7 month old and nevertheless she loved the family very much.

she sleep with us wake up with with even eat with us!

but Unfortunately in 26\12\2012 we woke up and she wasn't in the house. i came out of the house and searched for her for about 2 hours finally my mom told me that she found her in the Ground floor in our flat,
i ran very fast to the location but...

i found her Dead. she has fallen from my house in the 7th floor.
when i was searching for her, she was having an internal bleeding and because of this she was died.

i was shocked, i felt like someone has smashed my skull.
"Nancy has fallen from 30 meters high because she was hunting a bird when she stumbled and fell" said the vet.

I still have a hope that she will be waiting for in the kitchen or saloon.

now i have told you my story please can you help me what to do to forgive my self.

thank you...

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Jan 03, 2013
Blame Game
by: abcinbc

This is more about the human psyche than it is about the cat.
First lesson is to not blame yourself for something that happens due to an animal's misadventure. Yes, it is very sad, but you likely could not have prevented it except by locking it indoors. That, my friend, only works with some pets, and usually only in the short term.

Second lesson is to ensure that you take time, at least two weeks, to allow a cat to familiarize itself with new surroundings, including prevention of access to the outside world. (The natural tendency is for them to try to return to their previous location.)

Third - and likely the main reason for this cat's demise was her age - she needed to have less freedom or a more limited range. A cat is naturally predisposed to chase small things that move, such as mice and birds. Once in the environment and faced with such a challenge, you could no more have prevented her fall than you could have single-handedly stopped a speeding car or train.

Finally, get yourself another cat, and also a tether and harness so that you can allow her out within a safe range of the door when the time comes. Talk about this event with family and friends, you will feel better. Good Luck.

Jan 02, 2013
she has 9 lives
by: Anonymous

what a beautiful cat
dont blame youself- you loved her
and remember cats have 9 lives to share

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