Stan the Man

by Rachel Moule
(Birmingham, England)

Our Russian blue Stan was kept as an indoor cat for the first 2 years of his life, at the strict instruction of the breeders- it was a condition of sale. As a kitten he had a narrow escape- he explored outs of an open dormer window in the attic bedroom and fell 2 floors! After a long search he was found 12 hours later hunding in a neighbours hedge- hunger drove him out! Amazingly he escaped relatively unharmed.
After we moved house to a quiet residential neighbourhood, we started to allow him to come and go. It seemed unkind to keep him in- he would stare longingly out of the windows for hours. We think he'd had a taste of freedom so wanted more.
To start with, we let him out under supervision, then gradually he built up confidence. The change in his temperament was very noticeable. Stan is no much more relaxed and happy, and less nervous. Not surprisingly, he has never been able to defend his territory- he gets 'bullied' by an established bruiser 2 doors along.If your gardens and roads are reasonably quiet, I'd say its worth the risk to let your pedigree cat out. Yes, there is a risk it may shorten its life, but the quality of that life is enriched.

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