Out of the brush

by Shayleigh Pape

When i was about 4 (I am 12 now) my dad was up at our ranch house in Fredricksburg TX, burning
some brush in a field. he was just about to light the fire, when he heard a faint "meow". At first he thought it was just his imagination, but then he heard it again. He looked everywhere to find out what the noise was. then he realized it was coming from the pile of brush! He looked under all the dead leaves and branches, and at the bottom of the waste, was a feral mother cat with two little kittens, dirty and covered in fleas. My dad picked them up, loaded them in his truck and
took them home to me. The mother cat ran away at the scene of the brush pile, but i got two little kittens. I named the gray one with blue eyes Charlie and the gray and white one Lola. I bottle
fed them and loved them to bits. Lola was the most willing, unlike Charlie who was very feral and ran away. Lola licked me, and loved on me, I think she thought I was her mother. To this day I still have Lola. She always comes up to strangers and licks their hand, and she lays with me while I study, she is truly the best cat ever, I cant even imagine life without her, and she
came out of the brush and into my life!

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Nov 18, 2013
by: Kay

That's such a sweet story (: I'm sorry the mama cat and Charlie ran away but I'm glad that you have such a good bond with Lola.

Oct 15, 2013
by: EricaAmbersMom

Well written Shayleigh!

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