My stray cat we called Kitty Kitty

by Barbara

T. This cat came to our back yard last Oct it was very cold and I knew this cat was very hungry so I put some food out he was very jumpy and we could not get close to it. One week turned into three weeks finely I was able Roget close I noticed he had a green eye and one yellow but one eye was very red and the tip of his ear was missing. I kept giving him treats he loved them. One afternoon I was sitting on the step giving treats and he jumped on my lap . I was shocked from then on we saw what a beautiful personality he had. He followed me where ever I went out side in the garden picking berries . Once in a while he would come inside for a short visit .
As the week passed my husband let him in more and more he searched the house looking for me I was in bed jumped up and flopped down and was ready for a nap. I wanted to get him to a vet to checked but every attempt
Failed I was concerned. For his eye. We enjoyed this wonderful
Kitty for nine months . One morning he was not around we hunted every where. Then my hubby saw him out in the field he went to get him some animal killed him .He was a delight for the short time he spent with us. We do miss him so.

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