My Friend Cat Story

by jas

CATS ARE AWSOME!!! like Pheonix!!! and Lela and Abigail there AMAZING CATS abigail is so nice u can pet does not bite or scrath and lela it meows and you can pet it pheonix hes a little mean but you can pet him he might bite or scratch he is kinda a nice cat if u get to meet him but he runs away but he will come back home one or two days he is a bit crazy sometimes. one time i went trick or treating and i saw this cat it was a stray but i named it lela it was a girl and Abigail one day i saw this cat but it was owned buy someone else but its a nice cat try to hold him he is kinda scared its name is abigail but its a boy but has a girl name and pheonix one day i was having a birthday party and they brought in pheonix a boy cat but on my bday he ran away when i was opening my present he was my mom`s friend cat if u see him he is a crazy cat he might come to you be careful he bite.

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