My cat Dave

by Martin Green
(Hull, England,)

This is my cat Dave, he was the first pet that I ever had. As a kitten he was always in mischief, one time a neighbour from opposite side of town brought him back in her arms. Apparently he beat up her dog, left scratches all down its face and went to sleep on her bed upstairs. Another neighbour had a dog behind a fence and Dave would just sit there an inch from the gaps as calm as you like staring at the dog whilst it went crazy trying to get him. He was so loving though, once my partner collapsed ill on the bathroom floor and he stayed with her the whole time trying to comfort her until I returned home. He was so handsome too, the pictures I have don't really do him justice, I wish I'd taken more when I had the chance. One day he stayed in the house all day long which wasn't like him, he loved to get out, we thought he was just feeling a little under the weather, he was acting normal, just a bit quiet so we left him until the next day. That night we came home from an evening out and he walked into our bedroom and just peed on the clothes I'd just thrown on the floor. I knew then he was really ill. As it was late on a Saturday I waited until Sunday morning and took him straight to the vets the minute they opened. His back legs had something wrong, he was slightly lower than normal. I tried explaining this to the vet and he swore blind there was nothing wrong with him. I KNEW there was but on his advice I agreed to come back in a few days if he wasn't any better. The next morning I had to be in work and he was asleep before I went. The following day I woke to find he'd been sick all over the landing so I took him straight back to the vets. This time a different vet saw him and it was obvious straight away from her reaction that something was wrong. He had to stay in overnight on a drip. The next day they rang me and said he hadn't eaten and was too weak and I had to go in. He started purring the instant he saw me and cuddled up in my arm. He was no longer himself though, he was so skinny, all in just a few days. I stayed with him until he went to sleep forever. He was just three years old. This was four years ago and I'm STILL angry at that vets for not recognizing he was ill. I wrote them a letter explaining the situation and they wrote back telling me they did nothing wrong, they didn't even apologise, just tried to cover their backs. One of the most heartbreaking things was our other cat George who was only about 6 months old at the time, every time we opened a door he would go running in looking for his big brother or sit on the windowsill looking out for him coming home. ALWAYS choose a good vet with a good reputation, do the research, it's worth it. R.I.P. Dave, we'll never forget you.

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