My ally cat

by Lilly

I wandered into a yard hoping for a bird nope I went on when I went past a sweet woman invited me in to the fence but I politely declined with a soft meow. Then her son scooped me up mrrrrooooowww the scar on my back he touched it ''oops sorry buddy" he said ''you caught the cat Blake!" said his sister "it looks hungry" I was frightend by her she was tall "let me see" said the woman from earlier im lily my daughters name is mia and the boys Blake PUT ME DOWN I SAID I HAVE PLACES TO GO AND SEE you talk a lot said lily I squirmed in the boys arms the girl brought a big crate and some tuna out I did not like that but I ate I was starving o my that wound is bad Mia put him in the garage for the night its to hot down there can it stay up stairs no your fathers allergic to cats ill bring a fan down there and besides we cant keep it I know sighed Mia they fed me again and put water with ice cubes and a fan in there the next day they put me in an even smaller cage then the night before it sooo small but I wanted to jump on the gas because I saw a speck of dust looked like a fly when I got there a mean horrible dude he looked at my scars and wrapped something around where my scars were then they left THEY LEFT ME HERE scared they neutered me and put a cone on my head it didn't stay on long they bathed me ME A FERAL CAT so I meowed and when they didn't stop I bit her OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW she yelled drama queen the next day they came I was woozy because I wouldn't stop so the put me on anistion I herd ......cant keep him here....but we cant keep him.....craigslist......ill just keep him.....I went blank I woke up back in the garage with people looking at me your name is tiger two years later im pretty fat I love to go outside and play I have a girlfriend now

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