In door out door

We always adopt, but some places I've gone through have wanted us to sign papers that we will not let the cat outside. My feeling is that if I adopt, it our duty to see that the cat is happy.
By keeping it indoors it is safer, but do you want a safe miserable cat or a happy outdoor cat. A hard call maybe.
Our Burmese was an outdoor cat that was constantly scratching and was killed by a loose Pit Bull. She hated to be indoors so as much as I hate what happened to her, she was always happy and loving.

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Oct 27, 2015
It is awesome
by: mohan

Very good post.

Jul 23, 2014
Cat not ornament
by: FI CollisAnonymous

I have just heartbreakingly lost my beloved Ragdoll after 11 years She lived a real cats life ,she called my garden and both neighbours her domain,and was perfectly able to ensure other cats did not venture in.She loved to sunbath, and would always be with me when I gardened.Although we are on a reasonably quite road ,she did cross it from time to time, she took great care and was very aware of traffic.Although I always worried when she was not in my sights, I truly believe she had a glorious,much loved life.I should love to enjoy the delights of another Raggie when I feel the time is right, but it seems that these days they are not encouraged by breeders to be allowed the joy of a real cats life.

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