Heart Healer " Milo"

by Tammy
(Ruston la USA)

Three months ago i was forced to give up my four year old dog for health reasons, I was devastated! I still had my 14 year old miniature weeny dog , Vannah, but i was grieving so hard i did not think anything could make me stop crying. So one morning i am sitting on my front porch with Vannah in my lap when i feel a thump on my lap. I look down ready to jump and run to see a tiny hand sized kitten casually crawling across my leg only to curl up in between Vannah's legs! I truly could not believe my cat hating little girl was allowing this, but was SHOCKED when she reached down and licked this little fur ball!
I brought my dog inside and looked down to see the kitten was with her, I knew he was a feral kitten from a litter currently wandering the neighborhood and was amazed over and over by his fast adjustment to becoming my first house cat ever.And from the beginning he has been the most loving little fellow on earth. I adore him and know he was sent to heal my broken heart! Milo my heart healer!

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