Depends, but leaning toward outside.

by Brigid
(North Dakota)

Now, I grew up in a small town and I currently live on a farm, so I'm pretty used to seeing cats roaming around outside. My own cat was 'outside with supervision only,' but that was because I'm a worry wart and was afraid she'd up and leave for greener pastures. Or just get lost, she was kind of a ditz. Still, I'd watch her nittering (which apparently isn't a word... that thing cats do when they want to kill stuff) out the window and feel kinda bad for keeping her inside.

Yes, cats are much more likely to pick up diseases, parasites, injuries, or just plain get killed going outside. It's kind of the same thing for us humans, though. Sure, cats usually live longer as strictly inside pets, but is it better? To quote Gabriel Iglesias when asked if he wouldn't want to live to a hundred, "Not if I can't eat tacos."

But if you live somewhere really densely populated, like Manhattan, then, yeah, probably best to keep your cat inside.

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