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Calico cats are popular, mysterious, and maybe a little magical. Almost always female, a calico cat always has three colors in her fur - black, white, and orange. But a calico cat is not an actual breed, it just refers to the color! In facts, there are numerous breeds that can have the calico color, like Persians, Norwegian forest cats, and even the hairless Sphynx cat! Find out more about calico cats here...

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Average lifespan for a domestic cat is about 12 years, but there are some breeds that seem to have extreme longevity. The Chartreux, the Balinese and the Turkish Angora all have been know to live long into their teens, with many examples of these breeds reaching 20 years old.

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In cat trivia, nobody knows what breed Himmy was, but the Maine Coon cat tends to be the largest cat breed that does not have bloodlines of other species. The wild cat breeds like the Bengal are regularly 30 pounds or more, but that's because they are hybrids - domestic cats bred with jungle cats to create a special new creature. 

Ragdoll cats and British shorthair cats, tend to pack on the pounds, but a 47 pound domestic cat, well, big-boned isn't a good excuse, this kitty must have been an emotional eater.

Finding some healthy treats for Himmy might have been a good idea, and there are some great tasting and healthy choices compiled right here in best cat treats so check 'em out and avoid another Himmy!

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The Abyssinian is the oldest recognized domestic cat breed. Cats that look nearly identical to the modern day Abyssinian cat, were buried in the tombs of ancient Egyptians like King Tut!

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Cool cat trivia - the curly-coated cat breeds like the Devon Rex cat, tend to have curly whiskers and eyebrows too!

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