Be warned: your beloved cat is far too easily killed outside.

by Eleanor Conry
(Jupiter, Florida, USA)

I adopted a pure white Cat at the age of about 5 to 6 months several years ago. I do not like the idea of allowing a cat to have outside freedom but Cat (yes, that was her name) just about went crazy trying to get outside. It was clear she was perfectly miserable living exclusively in the house. So, with misgivings, I finally allowed her to go out and come back in again as she pleased.

Only two nights ago, I let her out around 11 pm and she did not arrive on her normal windowsill the next morning. Throughout that day, I still did not find her. Around 4:00 pm, I began walking around the nearby neighbors hollering for her while beginning to believe something was definitely wrong. Shortly, the next door neighbor arrived home from work and told us that they had found Cat in their front yard early that morning. She was clearly dead and had been badly chewed up by another animal. I'm sure it was a raccoon. Needless to say, I was devastated and must have screamed and cried for several hours just as Cat MUST have cried loudly and pitifully while being chewed up by her attacker.
The worst of it for me was realizing how badly she must have suffered. I will forever be grateful to the neighbor who prevented me from having to see her and they buried her themselves.

If EVER I get another cat, I will definitely only consider a young kitten who I hopefully will train to walk outside only on a leash but otherwise to be strictly an indoor cat.

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Sep 08, 2015
by: James

I read many page but this is really unique and nice. I appreciate your work and this topic "Be warned: your beloved cat is far too easily killed outside" is informational.

Sep 30, 2013
Looking at all Sides
by: CatBreedsEncyclopedia

Ellie, we think this is a very sensitive subject from both sides, but it couldn't get more personal than if you suffer a loss that you feel could have been avoided. Anyone milling over this choice in their mind should consider the worst case scenario right beside our ideal of a cat "roaming free". This is what makes it a subject worth talking about. Very sorry for your sad loss, and thank you for sharing- Jenise

Sep 26, 2013
Gratified that you published
by: Ellie

I have had numerous cats since childhood. Most of them lived until very old age. I have NEVER had a cat chewed up by another animal - not EVER before. I will be very glad if my warning and experience prevents even one more cat from ever experiencing this kind of horror again. Thank you again for publishing.

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