by Rashida
(Chicago, IL)

MoonPie has Betty Davis eyes

MoonPie has Betty Davis eyes

My tuxedo cat, MoonPie, loves to go outside during the warmer seasons. After whining by the door for several days, I could not find my relatively demure roommate. A cool-headed individual, I frantically pulled her adoption file to have her chip number (kitty LoJack) close at hand. Fortunately, she came back before nightfall bearing a living albeit stunned gift for me. (It's true love!)

It turns out she stealthily broke through the screen in the window to create a secret flap. Much like a doggy door, she uses this self-created escape to get fresh air, get chastised by the intimidating birds, and eavesdrop on the neighbors.

Maintaining her vet appointments, giving her flea/tick treatments, and brushing her thoroughly not only show her unconditional love and attention, but also protect the household from icky creepy crawlies. I also let her keep her front claws long during those warmer months. MoonPie may sound sweet, but she's a scrappy fighter! I have no doubt that she can defend herself, be it through a tricky drop shot or those pointy teeth she shows the vet when he takes her temperature.

I also have a very sober understanding that we choose each other every day. She could easily disappear from my life, a reality I face whenever she goes outside. Like children, we can only love them and let them live the lives that they want. When she wants to curl up with me to watch True Blood, we do that. When she wants to smell the damp earth after a summer rain, she does that too. We treat each other with respect. I do not own her and she doesn't pee in my bed. This is the basis of our successful relationship.

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Dec 20, 2013
Black & White, Alright!
by: Anonymous

Moonpie is a true beauty. You obviously love her, and yes I believe there is an argument for freedom. We have always taken the view that, if after acclimatizing a cat for 2-3 weeks, it will come back to you. That is, provided you have shown love and warmth, which she or he will return manyfold.
There is a classic argument about claws - which is most important, the cat's defence mechanism or your furniture, and of course our winged friends. Live and let live or not?
As long as a cat is living some of its time outdoors, it should be allowed to do so in a normal manner. I am saying the claws should not be clipped, to permit a sure grip should it need to fend off an aggressor or climb a tree to escape a dog. Yes, birds may fall victim to those claws, but you cannot train the survival nature out of a feline. After all, they will also kill rodents. So good for you.
The impromptu door created by Moonpie could be a mixed blessing... what can get out, can also get in... and that may not always be Moonpie - other cats, some dogs, racoons and skunks come readily to mind. You may want to think that through a bit more.
By the way, I am not against indoor cats, they need to be neutered, claws can be clipped, but they should be on a lead anytime they get walked. In other words you take over the protection they have lost.
We have adopted stray cats before, but in truth, they usually pick you. All animals have an innate sense of who is friendly, and kindness speaks volumes. Enjoy you life together, and Merry Christmas to you both!

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