These are the top 10 cat breeds according to the Cat Fanciers Association(CFA), the world's largest cat organization.  

This list is based on the number of registered purebred individuals of these recognized breeds. There are several very  popular breeds that are not recognized by the CFA and so are not on this particular top 10 cats list.

The Cornish Rex, the Ragdoll cat and the Sphynx cat are the most recent additions to the list. The Persian is the most popular by registration, probably because they are so spectacular in the showring.

Both the traditional Siamese and modern Siamese cats are still registered under the same name, although there are efforts underway to separate the styles. So check out all these top ten cats!

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Top 10 Cat Breeds A to Z

American Shorthair Cats

The American shorthair cat is the quintessential domestic companion. Burly, bold and beautiful, they are superior mousers as well.

This cat goes with the flow and can handle busy households, but is also a great choice for more quiet situations, or for busy singles who may put in some long days at the office. They are confident and content and enjoy a little "alone time."

Requiring little fuss but providing warm and loving friendship is this wonderful breeds greatest characteristic.

Not to be confused with the British Shorthair which has a decidedly different head shape, or the Domestic Shorthair which is a kitty of unknown origin, a purebred American shorthair cat is truly an impressive animal to behold.

American Shorthair CatsAmerican Shorthair Cats


As the American shorthair exemplifies the classic cat form, the Persian is an example of some human engineering.

The Persian is a brachycephalic breed, which means the muzzle has been shortened through selective breeding presumably to give it a more kittenish look. 

While the appearance is dramatic and distinct, many individuals have numerous health problems due to their extreme head shape, including breathing and eye issues.

Persians are cats of wonderful character, and tend to be exceptionally sweet and patient with children.

They come in an incredible assortment of colors, and at major cat shows they are exhibited in separate rings based on the color of their fur.

In fact, the Persian is so popular that there are more registered Persian kittens in just one coat color in any given year, than in entire breeds of cats.

PersianPersian Cats

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Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are unmistakable in appearance, and one of the few purebred cat breeds that almost anybody can identify. 

The classic light body color with darker extremities is called a "pointed" color pattern, and the points may be anywhere from deep seal brown to pale liliac to flame orange.

Siamese cats are not for everyone. They are a bit like having a toddler in the house, and they stay kittenish, active and demanding their whole lives.

Both the Traditional Siamese, which has a classic cat body and face structure, and the Modern Siamese, which is long, lean and exotic, with big flared ears and Roman nose, have the same outgoing, noisy and active characteristics.

If you plan to leave the cat alone, or want to be left alone yourself, there are definitely better choices than a Siamese.

If you want a playful, pestering, talkative, shoulder-riding, pant-leg climbing little kitty-demon, the Siamese is for you. Take the plunge and never look back!

Modern-Traditional-Siamese-comparisonSiamese Cats

Ragdoll Cats 

Ragdoll cats

American CurlAmerican Curl Cats

Bombay catsTwo Beautiful Bombay Cats


Sphynx cat
  • Bombay cats are solid black including paw pads and nose
  • The Singapura is the world's smallest cat breed
  • Norwegian Forest cats may have sailed the seas in Viking ships!

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