All of the Small cat breeds listed on this page are cats that usually weigh less than 10 pounds fully grown, and pack a lot of personality into the most perfect little package! They are also some of the trendiest, most unique and different small cat breeds available today.

Cats that stay small are in high demand, and these little folks sure fit the bill. Included here are the five smallest cat breeds, the Munchkin, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, American Curl, and the smallest of all, the Singapura!

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Small Cat Breeds A to Z


Small cat breeds have always been very popular companions.

When neatness or space are a priority, a tiny cat can make things just a little easier. Naturally, handling and transporting little cats is usually easier too,  but if you have a very busy household with multiple larger pets and young children, a small cat may become timid.

Some of these petite pussycats are the result of centuries of domestication and thus make excellent indoor companions.

Because most cat breeds that stay small were bred specifically with lap cat potential in mind, the ideal companionship qualities of personality and a desire for close human contact seem to be built right in.

Also among these cat breeds that stay small are several curly haired types like the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex and the remarkable LaPerm.  

The often hairless Sphynx and Peterbald breeds also trend to the petite end of the spectrum.

The exquisite Singapura cat is recognized as the worlds smallest cat breed, with some adults reaching only about 4 pounds in size!

singapura catsSingapura Cats

These tiny cat breeds should all range from 4 pounds to 10 pounds but there will always be exceptions. Of course the only way to guarantee adult size is to adopt a deserving adult cat who is already the perfect size for you!

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Bombay catsTwo Beautiful Bombay Cats


Sphynx cat
  • Bombay cats are solid black including paw pads and nose
  • The Singapura is the world's smallest cat breed
  • Abyssinians were around in ancient Egypt

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