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The Singapura cat is one of, if not the, smallest cat breeds in the world with adults rarely reaching 8 pounds. Exquisitely packaged and darling to behold, this cat is something special in every way.

It was once believed to be naturally occurring in Singapore, with three individuals exported to the U.S. in the 1970's. 

These three cats became the foundation stock for the breed, but controversy ensued when claims were made that the cats were Abyssinian-Burmese crosses brought into Singapore from the U.S. so that they could be "discovered" in the streets of the country.

After investigating the claims, Singapore gave this breed status as a national mascot, and many believe the breed is natural and native to Singapore.

Recent DNA studies lindicate that the breed is almost identical to the modern Burmese cat, which stirs up the theory that they are not natural to Singapore. 

Whatever their origin, Singapura cats are some of the sweetest on Earth!

This is quite an active, affectionate and playful little cat with a very big personality. They can be friendly and outgoing with children, other pets, and strangers, and sometimes need to be protected due to the combination of very small size and bold attitude. 

They are people-oriented and require regular, quality human interaction. Other cats for company will not be sufficient, your attention is required, greatly appreciated, and adorably reciprocated by one of the more exquisite cats in the world.  A little jewel!


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The personality of the Singapura cat is friendly, forward, always interested and always engaged. 

Singapura cats may not the best choice for folks on the go because they may demand attention and become pesty if neglected. 

These cats come in only one color referred to as "sepia agouti". Agouti or "ticked" coats have bands of color around each strand of hair giving a rich, shaded quality. The sepia tones are ivory to ruddy to chocolate, and the underside of the cat is a lighter shade. 

A Singapura cat, although tiny, has a very dense, muscular frame making it remarkably heavy for its size. The coat is very short and silky with no undercoat and regular grooming is not required.

Lots of affection and attention is showered upon family members, and there is a sweet, joyful quality of character.

These are angelic-looking, small-sized cats that have few breed-related health issues.

Because it is very active and requires interaction the Singapura cat is a nice family pet that can do well with gentle children, will form intense attachments, and must be included in everything. 

A very forthcoming little cat with a disarming and adorable personality. Simply Fabulous! 

The Singapura cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is a relatively rare pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed, and can be rather expensive. -Singapura Cat Facts

Beautiful Singapura FaceBeautiful Singapura Face
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Singapura Kittens!Singapura Kittens!

Singapura kittens are naturally smaller than most kittens of similiar age. They bond very quickly and intensely to people, and making yourself available the first few days you have your new kitten will create a very close relationship.  

These are bright, busy little kittens that learn quickly and fall in fast with the family and household routine. They are notoriously quick to potty train and mishaps are rare.

Kitten-proofing is definitely recommended for anyone considering adopting or purchasing any kitten. 

High furniture should be off limits, caution should be taken when holding these wriggly little youngsters, particularly when carrying them across hard wood or tile floors, and spaces under counters and doors should be blocked off as they have a very strong urge to explore.

In Appearance,  the Singapura kitten looks very much like a miniature adult. Their coloring and markings are determined very early and they do not tend to go through the "awkward teenage stage" that some other breeds may endure.  

These kittens are somewhat rare and in high-demand, and can be very expensive.

If you are looking for a pure bred Singapura kitten to buy, you may not only have to search a bit to find a Singapura cat breeder, but you may have to work some overtime to bring one home!.

Singapura kitten

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Singapura stalkingSingapura stalking

Head Shape: The head should be rounded with large, wide-set ears, and a small, somewhat blunt muzzle. The cheeks are full with an elegant sweep up to the ears. The eyes are large, and almond shaped, wide-open and extremely expressive. The eyes should be hazel, green, or yellow. No other color is acceptable. They should be bright, clear,  and very wide set.

Body and Tail: Small body, tight and sturdy. Almost as tall as long. Legs are medium in length, muscular, and with small, oval feet. The tail is shorter than the body and blunt at the tip..

Singapura on black

Coat: The fur is very fine and the coat is short. It should lie very close to the body, sleek and soft, never plush.

Pattern: The natural color is unique and referred to as "sepia agouti". Agouti coloring is an all-over ticking created by each hair having several bands of color in one. There should be darker ticking over an ivory base color. The tip of the tail is dark. Some banding may occur on the legs and forehead.

Overall Appearance: This should be a firm-bodied little cat with a unique, color and beautiful, expressive eyes. Dense and muscular body, lean limbs. 


Singapura walking
  • A strange mystery surrounds the Singapura. Most believe that they naturally occur in Singapore, but some suspect that the breed was "created" in the U.S. and exported to Singapore to be "discovered" as a "natural" breed!

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