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The Scottish Fold cat is a mutation developed from a single individual found in a barn in Scotland in 1966. This little cat, a white female stray, was taken in and named Susie.

Susie had curious, adorable folded ears and an amazingly sweet temperament.

Over time, Susie had several kittens with the same "folded" ears, and these were bred with British Shorthair cats to produce the breed.

In the U.S., descendants of Susie were bred to American Shorthair cats with similar results- a plump, short-legged, owl-faced cat with a charming, and fun-loving personality, just as easy-going and pleasant as could be.

The Scottish Fold is exceptional inside and out, and because of this they have recently become very popular.

These are awesome pets for families with children and other pets, because they love action, but they do not like to be left alone. Another cat for company will do the trick.


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Scottish Fold Tabby Kitten


Scottish Fold Sitting Up

The Scottish Fold cat personality is outgoing, cuddly and lovable. The full cheeks and angelic expression don't mislead - this is a very sweet breed. This cat is not the best choice for busy folks who aren't home alot  because they need lots of love and gentle, playful interaction.

These cats display unique breed characteristics like hugging with their front paws when held close, and whispering while cuddling.

They are known to sleep prone on their backs and to "sit-up" with their front paws resting on their ample bellies in a kind of Buddha-pose.

Although gaining in popularity and one of the more recognizable pure-breeds, the Scottish fold is still a relatively uncommon pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat.

The Scottish Fold comes in any color or pattern. The coat is dense with a plush undercoat. Shedding may be high and regular grooming is definitely desired.

These are fairly chunky, medium-sized cats that do have several breed-related health issues, most of which can be avoided if extra care in the selection of a breeder is employed.

Because it is mellow, friendly, and greatly desires interaction, the Scottish Fold is a superb family cat that does exceptionally well with, and often seems to cherish children.

The Scottish Fold cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. -Scottish Fold Cat Facts

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Scottish Fold Kittens!Scottish Fold Kittens!

Scottish Fold kittens are generally very quick to adapt to a new environment. They tend to be a little on the clumsy side, and kitten-proofing, particularly in regards to avoiding high places, is highly recomended.

These are not the kind of kittens to wander off and get lost, though. You will likely know where they are at all times - very close to you, if not directly on you!

Although they are bright and playful, training is sometimes a little challenging and this is a kitten that may miss the litter box for a few weeks, or maybe years.

There is very little sense of urgency, and these mellow kitties will fit right in with the whole family. Solitude will make them sullen, however, and these are not great choice if your schedule requires you leave the cat alone for long periods.

Demand for this wonderful breed has risen in the last few years. Scottish Fold cat breeders are fairly easy to find, but kitten prices are going up and waiting lists are common.

Scottish Fold Black kitten

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Scottish Fold Cat Reclining

Head Shape: The head is round with a firm, chin and round, full cheeks. A flattened, or dish face is typical, but not necessary. Males can appear quite jowly as they mature and this is a desirable trait.  The ears should be small, folding over forward and downward. Tightly folded, tiny ears are highly desirable. The ears are set to the sides, and ideally, frame the rounded skullcap on either side.  The eyes should be round and quite wide with a sweet expression. One of the breeds most beautiful features. Any eye color but some preferences depending on coat color.

Body and Tail: The body is medium size and well rounded with hips equally as wide as shoulders. Firm, muscular and thick. Legs are short to medium with good bone and large, round, well-knuckled feet. The tail is medium to long and tapering. A long tail is desirable.

Scottish Fold CalicoScottish Fold Calico

Coat: Short in length, plush, soft and dense. There are longer coats occasionally.

Pattern: All colors and patterns are accepted.

Overall Appearance: This should be a medium size, somewhat cobby cat, otherwise well-formed and of classic shorthair style. The remarkable ears, coupled with the wide, round eyes set it apart and give this cat perhaps the most unique expression in the feline world. Adorable inside and out, the Scottish Fold cat is an exceptional choice.


Scottish Fold Grey and White
  • Scottish Fold kittens are born with normal ears that begin to fold over around the third week of life. Often occurring within the same litter, some individuals ears never fold, and these cats are called, not very cleverly, "straights."

Scottish Fold TabbyScottish Fold Tabby
Scottish Fold Beautiful

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