Here are some of the more rare cat breeds among the recognized domestic breeds, and also some hybrid cats and just plain cool cats you don't see every day.

There are many rare breeds of cat that are even less common than the ones listed here, but also may be experimental, or just inaccessible to most cat enthusiasts.

The cats on this list, although not commonly seen, are not so precious that they can't end up being your new best friend. In fact, some are becoming more popular by the day, so check these unique cats out! 

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Rare Cat Breeds A to Z

Singapura Cats

Singapura cats are, on average, the smallest cats in the world. Most adults don/t even weigh five pounds!

They are like many small dogs in that they pack allot of personality and character into a very tiny package.

Singapura cats always have a ticked, wild-looking fur pattern called "agouti", seen in animals like cougars, where each strand of hair has bands of color, giving the coat its special look.

These are sleek, very exotic looking kitties, with loving, affectionate, and adorable little souls.

Singapura CatsSingapura Cats

Don Sphynx

The Don Sphynx cat, also known as the Donskoy cat, is a stunningly weird example of a spontaneous mutation.

All the cats in this breed are descended from one stray cat found by the Don river in Russia a few decades ago.

This single cat was completely bald, with unusual slanted. Even stranger, he had webbed and dexterous toes that actually allowed him to pick up things with his front paws.

Don Sphynx cats are warm to the touch and delightful to hold. They are cuddly and loving despite any resemblance to alien creatures. These curious cats are rare, expensive, and require some special care for their delicate skin, but they make awesome pets. 

Don SphynxDon Sphynx Cats!

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Bengal Cats 

The Bengal cat is not actually a breed of cat, it is a hybrid. A hybrid is a cross between two separate animal species, in this case, the domestic house cat and the Asian leopard cat. 

The result is a spectacular animal with an amazing spotted coat and a powerful, athletic and graceful physique.

These cats are bred with different percentages of wild blood, and vary greatly in appearance, size and the ease in which they can be kept as domestic pets.

Responsible breeders will look at your situation and experience level closely and match you with the right type of Bengal. After all, Bengal cats have been sold for over $25,000 dollars, and most nice pets are several thousand at least.

BengalBengal Cats


Don Sphynx catDon Sphynx lounging
  • Don Sphynx cats can pick things up with their toes!
  • The Singapura is the world's smallest cat breed
  • Norwegian Forest cats may have sailed the seas in Viking ships!
  • The Bengal cat is part Asian leopard cat 

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