Oriental Shorthair portraitPortrait of an Oriental Shorthair Cat

The Oriental Shorthair cat is a little work of art. Incredibly long and lean with a unique, chiseled head shape and a bright, friendly personality, this dramatic-looking breed was basically the original "Siamese" cat.

When the first exotic looking cats from Siam (now Thailand) were imported to Britain in the late 1800's, they came in practically all colors, one of which was the "color-point" or "pointed" pattern of light body with darker face, tail and limbs, and blue eyes. 

The gene for points is recessive however, and required selective breeding to prosper. 

The English cat fanciers became enamored with them, and soon the pointed variety became very popular. The term "Siamese" became exclusive to that color type, and the remaining colors were referred to as "non blue-eyed Siamese". 

Several different recognized breeds like the Havana Brown cat and the Korat cat have "spun-off" of the original cats, and eventually the Oriental Shorthair became a recognized breed of its own, showing modern Siamese personality and body type, with any color other than pointed.

The Oriental shorthair cat is a wonderful domestic companion with an outgoing and very active mind, a busy, beautiful body and an optimistic, happy personality.  They have become increasingly popular of late, due to their lovely appearance and high marks as an excellent family pet.


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Oriental Shorthair White


Oriental Shorthair Sitting

The personality of the Oriental Shorthair cat is very friendly and outgoing. While they may be stunningly exotic looking on the outside, deep down inside they really just want to be one of the gang. 

Orientals are very demonstrative and affectionate, and often quite dog-friendly.

They have many of the same characteristics of the Siamese, including a very dog-like personality, with lots of expressive vocalizing, and a tendency to be very demanding of attention.

Oriental shorthair cats tend to retain a very high level of activity, exploration and playfulness throughout their adulthood and need some mental stimulation, affection and even a change in environment to keep them content.

They are great company and highly entertaining, often fetching and retrieving things without any training, riding on shoulders, playing tag and just being a joy to watch with their athletic antics. 

This cat is often a very good traveler and can be a great choice for folks with vacation homes or even mobile homes!

The Oriental Shorthair can be an excellent choice for a family, and can become particularly attached to dogs and children. They are finely built, however, and don't enjoy rough handling, being ignored, or being left alone.

Other cats in the house can sometimes be a source of tension as well. 

This breed is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is a relatively uncommon pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed. 

These cats come in so many colors and patterns that they are often called "ornamental" shorthairs. Pointed cats do still appear, but some show rings do not allow them, and other cat organizations insist the pointeds be shown as Siamese. 

The coat is fine, short and silky with very little undercoat. There is very little shedding, and the breed has been found to be less irritating to people with allergies due to less of the protein allergen in their saliva and glands, and less hair to distribute that protein. 

These are slender, lean and athletic cats that have few breed-related health issues. 

Because it is active and absolutely demands interaction, the Oriental Shorthair is a very nice family cat that does very well with considerate children and most other family members..-Oriental Shorthair Facts

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Oriental Shorthair Kittens!Oriental Shorthair Kittens!

Oriental shorthair kittens tend to be more active,  rowdy and curious than some other breeds. Even at a precious age they are bright, eager and very people-conscious. 

Because of this, they tend to be quick learners and easy to train. They are neat and fastidious about their potty habits, even when only a few weeks old, and even the youngest kittens will soon fall into a routine with the family schedule

Extremely athlitic and excellent jumpers, these little kittens will push the boundaries and tend to explore constantly and may wander far so keep an eye out!

Kitten-proofing is definitely recommended for anyone considering adopting or purchasing any kitten. 

High furniture should be off limits, caution should be taken when holding these wriggly little youngsters, particularly when carrying them across hard wood or tile floors, and spaces under counters and doors should be blocked off as they have a very strong urge to explore.

In Appearance, the Oriental Shorthair kitten looks very much like a miniature adult. They have an extravagant and special appearance at just a few weeks old and grow more and more elegant every day. 

This breed is gaining in popularity but is still relatively unknown,and they are not always readily available. If you are looking for a pure bred Oriental shorthair kitten to buy you may have to search a bit to find an Oriental shorthair cat breeder.

Oriental Shorthair Kitten

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Oriental Shorthair TabbyOriental Shorthair Tabby

Head Shape: The head is a long, tapered wedge shape. A long straight line is seen from the top of the head to the tip of the nose. No bulge over the eyes or dip in the nose. Nose is long and straight in profile, a continuation of the forehead with no stop or break. The chin and muzzle are wedge-shaped. The ears should be quite large and pointed, wide at the base. Position should continue the lines of the wedge of the head. The eyes are almond shaped,  medium in size, and slanted toward the nose. Green is the preferred color in all coat colors except white. White cats should have blue eyes only. In other colors, hazel or amber eyes allowed. Depth of color preferred over tone. 

Body and Tail: Long, slender, and lithe but with ample muscle. Hard and lean. The legs are long and slender with hind legs longer than front, in good proportion to the body. The feet are delicate and oval in shape. Five toes in front and four behind. The tail is long and narrow,  tapering to a fine point.

Oriental Shorthair BlackOriental Shorthair Black

Coat: The fur is very short, fine and smooth.

Pattern: The only colors not allowed are pointed, "Siamese" patterns.

Overall Appearance: This cat should have a very exotic look, very slender and long with a unique head shape and an active, outgoing personality. 


Oriental Shorthair with Green EyesOriental Shorthair with Green Eyes
  • Oriental Shorthair cats are one of the more talkative breeds available, and they come in the largest assortment of colors of any breed - there are even "longhaired" shorthairs!.

Oriental Shorthair CalicoOriental Shorthair Calico
Oriental Shorthair TickedOriental Shorthair Ticked

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