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The LaPerm cat is a curly-coated breed that looks like it just rolled out of bed! Shaggy and special looking, they are also wonderful companions.

This is a very newly developed breed which originated by spontaneous mutation from one single female kitten named Curly. 

Curly was born on a farm in Oregon in 1982. Unlike her normal-coated brothers and sisters, she was completely bald at birth but soon developed an unusual coat of soft curly hair. 

Subsequent matings and crosses with a Siamese male, a Manx male and others resulted in a whole family of curly-haired cats and a new breed was born. Curly didn't just pass on her unusual fur, but her unique, extroverted and people-oriented charm as well. 

A percentage of LaPerm cats are straight-coated, but most have fabulous kinky curls that tousle in a wild look known as "Gypsy Shag". There is little, if any, shedding, and no special grooming is required. 

People with allergies are often less affected by these cats. The LaPerm was recognized by the CFA in 2008 and is a fabulous addition. 

Loving and dog-like in personality, the LaPerm has a perfect mix of playfulness and couch potato. They are champion shoulder-sitters, can learn to fetch, sit-up or even play tag or just chill as well-behaved lapcats.

Sweet, friendly, and show-stoppingly different!


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The personality of the LaPerm cat is as unique as its appearance. 

LaPerm cats are very agreeable and greatly desire interaction which makes for a wonderful family cat that does well with busy households, other four-legged folks and considerate children. 

Although they are very inquisitive and bright, they are quite content as indoor cats, and are not adverse to being left alone now and then.

LaPerm cats are active, dog-like and engaging without being annoying, and are so in tune with their people that they seem to know when to dial it up or down. They are a great choice for seniors, infirmed individuals, housebound folks and busy singles because they are undemanding and provide calm, lovable and joyful company.

The LaPerm cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. and is growing in popularity among pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breeds. 

The coat may be straight or curly, long or short in any color. The desired coat is a soft, tousled look, with some individuals actually having fairly tight curls. 

Shedding is very low and anything more than regular grooming, surprisingly, is actually not required because the coat usually does not mat. Combing is usually better than a brush, and once a week or so works great. There also appears to be a reduction in allergic reaction to these cats, which is typical of all the curly Rex breeds. 

These are lean, lovely, small-sized cats that have very few breed-related health issues.

LaPerm cat
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LaPerm Kittens!LaPerm Kittens!

LaPerm kittens are very quick to bond with people and adjust quickly to new environments. They are bright and busy but easily trained. 

They are neat and fastidious about their potty habits, even when only a few weeks old., and even the youngest kittens will soon fall into a routine with the family schedule

Kitten-proofing is definitely recommended for anyone considering adopting or purchasing any kitten. 

High furniture should be off limits, caution should be taken when holding these wriggly little youngsters, particularly when carrying them across LaPerm kittenhard wood or tile floors, and spaces under counters and doors should be blocked off as they have a very strong urge to explore.

LaPerm kittens may look drastically different from adults. Some LaPerm kittens are bald at birth and develop their curls in 6 to 12 weeks, others are born with some curls - then go bald- then grow their curls back! Finally, a percentage are born with straight fur, but still have that fabulous LaPerm personality ! 

LaPerms are not very well known, they are not always readily available and one looking for a pure bred LaPerm kitten to buy may have to search a bit to find a LaPerm cat breeder.

LaPerm kitten

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LaPerm loungingLaPerm lounging

Head Shape: The skull is a modified wedge, slightly rounded with gentle contours. Whisker pads should appear full and rounded, with long, flexible whiskers. Muzzle: Broad with rounded contours and moderate to strong whisker pinch. Chin: Strong and firm presenting a perpendicular line down from the tip of the nose. Allowances: should be made for the jowls on mature males. Profile: Slight dip to nose just below bottom of eye, then continuing straight to tip of nose. Dip must be felt for, as it can appear straight. Forehead should be a flat plane to the top of the head, then smooth gentle curve back over top of head flowing into neck. Ears: Placed to continue the modified wedge of the head, slightly flared and cupped, medium to large. Full furnishings and earmuffs with lynx tipping is preferred on longhair breed. Eye: Medium large and expressive, almond in shape at rest and rounder when alert. Set moderately far apart and slightly slanted toward base of ear. Eye color has no relation to coat color. 

Body and Tail: Torso: Small in size with medium fine to medium boning. Slim, long legs. Forelegs may be slightly shorter than hind legs. As with body, medium fine boning with rounded feet. Tail: In proportion to body, tapering from base to tip. 

Coat: The cat comes in a long-haired and semi-longhaied coat and both males and females may have ruff on neck at maturity. The coat should be free of matting so it should not be too thick and heavy. The tail is plumed with some curling. The coat is springy, light and airy. The feel may vary among individual cats and/or color. 

Curl or Waviness: Curl is preferred. The coat should be loose and bouncy and should stand away from the body, a coat you can run your fingers through to the skin. The coat will have an almost unkempt appearance (the “Gypsy Shag” look). Tightest curls are in the ruff and the base of the ears; longest curls are in the ruff, base of the ears, and at the base of the tail. The coat may vary in length and fullness according to the season and maturity of the cat. At times this coat will part naturally down the middle of the back. 

Pattern: Any accepted color is allowed.

Overall Appearance: This should be a medium sized cat with dense body weight, long-legged and with a dramatic, curly coat. Pleasant and personable, they are not just popular for their appearance, these cats make absolutely wonderful pets and companions.


LaPerm profileLaPerm profile
  • Some LaPerm kittens are bald at birth and develop their curls in 6 to 12 weeks, others are born with some curls - then go bald- then grow their curls back ! Finally, a percentage are born with straight fur, but still have that fabulous LaPerm personality!.

LaPerm closeupLaPerm closeup

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