These kid-friendly cat breeds are offered as a guide to help in the very important decision of what cat is right for you, and which might be the best cat breed for children.

These are suggestions and opinions from personal and professional experience, but please remember that all cats are individuals and may excel or fall short of expectations, and sometimes the best cat for the job waits patiently for you at your local animal shelter.

Among these best family cats you may find that the Burmese and the Devon Rex, because of their small size, may become shy with clumsy handling, where as the American Bobtail, the Birman and the Ragdoll are probably the most forgiving.

These particular child friendly felines have been the most consistently superb, not only with children, but also with other pets, and busy households too, so check them out!

Cats Rule!Cats Rule!

Enjoy the journey and always remember...Cats Rule!

Kid-friendly Cat Breeds A to Z

Bombay Cats

The Bombay is a spectacularly beautiful breed with a rich, solid black coat of satin fur, and stunning copper eyes.

They are smart, funny, devoted and loving.

This breed has a particular bond with children that is just lovely to behold. They are talkative, demonstrative and love to learn tricks and play games.

Bombay CatsBombay Cats

Sottish Fold

All Scottish Folds can be traced back to one single kitten found in a barn in Scotland back in 1966.

This breed is famous for its loving and affectionate personality, and notoriously wonderful with children.

Scottish Fold kittens are born with normal ears that begin to fold over around the third week of life.

Often occurring within the same litter, some individuals ears never fold, and these cats are called, not very cleverly, "straights."

Scottish FoldScottish Fold Cats

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The Himalayan

Patient, beautiful and blissful, the magnificent Himalayan may be the best babysitter you ever had. This is a domestic animal extraordinaire, with the manners of royalty and the tireless good humor of a best friend.

This cat can be found at tea parties and propped up in strollers, wearing a tiny cowboy hat or just playing some hide and seek.

This is not a high-energy play-all day buddy like the Abysinnian, but can be a wonderful, calming presence and an affectionate and empathetic companion.

Himalayans require allot of care not just with grooming the coat, but also keeping eyes and ears clean. This, of course, can be a very positive plus for the right child who wants to nurture, but realize it is, at minimum, about a twice a week, 30 minute commitment - not much when you consider the return on investment.

HimalayanHimalayan Cats

Maine Coon 

Maine coon cats are, on average, the largest recognized cat breed, with many individuals happily exceeding 20 pounds. The size gives them confidence, but their naturally joyful and exuberant character make them fantastic playmates too.

They are not just big, but agile, active and athletic. They have devoted, engaged personalities and will learn tricks and games readily.

Intelligent, affectionate and undeniably beautiful, the Maine Coon cat is without a doubt one of the best cats for kids.

An added bonus is that they often cause less severe allergic reactions than some other breeds, but there are many variables that go along with hypoallergenic cats,  and you won't know for sure till you've spent at least a week living with them.

Maine CoonMaine Coon Cats

Bombay catsTwo Beautiful Bombay Cats


Selkirk RexSelkirk Rex
  • Bombay cats are completely solid black including paw pads, nails, and nose
  • The Maine coon cat is the largest cat breeds
  • The Burmese cat is extremely solid and is often referred to as "the Velvet Brick"

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