Cornish rex portraitPortrait of a Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex cat is known as the "Greyhound of Cats", due to its long, lean and racy looks. Top that off with a soft coat of wavy or curly hair, and you have an extremely unique kitty.

All Cornish Rex cats can be traced back to one kitten born in Cornwall, England in the 1950's.

This kitten, a male named Kallibunker, was a genetic mutation with extremely soft, down-like fur.

He was selectively bred and some of his offspring were brought to the U.S. where they were crossed with Modern Siamese cats, giving the Cornish Rex lean, exotic lines and a vocal and inquisitive nature.

The voice is not as harsh as the Siamese, but is used softly and often.

These are friendly, active cats that retain a kittenish nature their whole lives, and will learn to fetch, to come when called and play their own unique brand of "tag".

This is a long-lived and surprisingly hardy breed. They are extremely curious, enjoy travel and are not upset by lack of routine. They do however, resent being left alone for long periods so singles with demanding lifestyles take note.


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Cornish Rex cat


Cornish Rex calico

Cornish Rex cats are slender, delicate and exotic looking creatures, but are actually very busy and robust little personalities.

Cornish Rex cats remain kittenish throughout their lives and delight in any play that involves stalking behaviors.

They are often easily trained and enjoy playing fetch or learning more complicated games and tricks.

They greatly desire human interaction that can't be replaced with another cat or other pet. This is an excellent cat for someone looking for a real buddy, and they are just as up for a good cuddle as a good wrestle.

A truly lovely, uniquely beautiful, shoulder-riding, busy-body, people-oriented cat.

The Cornish Rex cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is an increasingly popular pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed.

Although they are small overall, they are long limbed and the back and neck are beautifully arched.

The coat comes in any color or pattern and is without guard hairs making it soft and fine. Ideally, the curl should be tight like a permanent wave, and even the whiskers and eyebrows are curled.

Light grooming with a rubber mitt will keep the skin healthy.

There is little, if any, shedding, and although there is no truly non-allergenic cat, some with allergies or discomfort around high-shedding cats may find the Cornish Rex triggers less severe reactions.

There is also a belief that the Rex breeds have less of the glyco-protein in their saliva and glands that is the true trigger of allergic reactions.

These are very slender, smallish-sized cats that have few breed-related health issues, however they must be protected from chills and wet weather. Another issue is a low tolerance for anesthetics. Any medical procedures should be approached with this in mind.

Because it is very active and greatly desires interaction, the Cornish Rex is a superb family cat that does well with considerate children, forms strong bonds, and likes to be included in absolutely everything..-Cornish Rex Facts

Black Cornish RexBlack Cornish Rex
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Cornish Rex KittensCornish Rex Kittens!

Cornish Rex kittens are often very small and extremely delicate. They take awhile to grow, but usually have voracious appetites. 

They are very bright, curious and active kittens, and kitten-proofing a Cornish Rex kittens new home is absolutely essential, especially due to their small size. 

An inquisitive kitten could easily disappear in any number of knooks and crannies in the average home. These kittens are usually quite vocal though, and tracking them down wouldn't be a problem.

Cornish Rex kittens are highly intelligent and highly trainable. Get them used to a routine early, expose them to car rides, the other pets, the grandkids etc. and you will find them falling right into place with the hustle and bustle. 

This is an excellent cat to travel with as long as they have protection from wet and cold, so get them used to things early and hit the road.

One famous Cornish Rex did Sturgis on the front of a Harley for years.

Because this is a relatively rare cat, breeders of pedigree Cornish Rex kittens are often hard to find, and a pure-bred kitten may be pricey.

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Cornish Rex face

Head Shape: The head should be distinctively  longer than wide with a "Roman nose" profile. The ears are large and alert, taller than wide and nearly pointed.  The eyes are oval and wide set, medium in shape and set well in the skull. The bridge of the nose often rises high between the eyes. Any eye color acceptable, but pointed cats require blue eyes. The muzzle is well formed with a very strong chin flowing into a long slender neck.

Body and Tail: The body is hard, tight-skinned, and muscular with lean and rounded proportions. The belly "tucks-up" after the gentle curved rib cage much like a greyhound, and the top line is gracefully arched. The hips are broad, with long, powerful, rounded haunches. The legs are very long and slender, with neat, small, oval shaped feet. The tail is long and slim with a slight curve.

Coat: The coat should be short and dense, fine and soft to the touch. Waves should be tight and even across the entire body. Waves are desirable but not required on the head, legs and tail.

White Cornish Rex catWhite Cornish Rex cat

Pattern: All recognized colors and patterns are accepted

Overall Appearance: This should be a small to medium size cat with a lean, hard, slender body, long-legged and with curved contours. The head shape is exotic, with large ears and a Roman nose. The coat is unique, tightly curled, soft and curious. This is an active, agile and expressive cat of immense grace with a sweet, friendly personality.


Cornish Rex curly coatCornish Rex curly coat
  • Every Cornish Rex cat can be traced back to one special kitten named Kallibunker who was born on a farm in Cornwall, England in the 1950's!

Beautiful Cornish Rex CatBeautiful Cornish Rex Cat

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