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The Chinchilla cat is actually a color variety of the Persian cat, but they are so exquisitely beautiful that many breeders focus entirely on this one coat pattern. Although most Chinchilla cats appear to be white, the very end of each individual hair is actually tipped with black, giving them a spectacular, shimmering quality.

But the Chinchilla cat is more than just a pretty face. Like any Persian, chinchilla cats have been bred for centuries to be perfect domestic companions. They are friendly, affectionate and lovable, but can be a little shy around strangers.

This is a cat that should be considered as a pet only if you know you have the time and temperament to keep up with their grooming needs. Their thick, lustrous fur requires extensive regular grooming. If the coat is not vigorously serviced, it won't just look shabby, it can and will cause health problems and serious skin issues. This is not a natural breed, and they do not maintain their own coats. This means that everyday, or every other day, you will be placing your cat on a tabletop, and carefully dematting, combing and cleaning a mountain of fur.

If done regularly, a ten to fifteen minute session 4 or 5 times a week will keep your magnificent beast enviously perfect condition.

If you are thinking it can't require that much time, or, you will be able to get by with once a week, you may be right, but you should also really consider another breed.

If you are thinking that regular primping, cuddling and loving sessions with your gorgeous chinchilla cat sound like a therapeutic and mutually enjoyable plus in cat ownership, then by all means dive right in and become the owner of one of the most elegant felines on the planet.

People who love and care for Chinchillas, love every minute of it, including the grooming, and cats who have been pampered since kittenhood come to expect they will be lavished with attention on a regular basis. It can be a beautiful friendship!


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The Chinchilla cat is a man-made breed, designed not just to be pleasing to the eye, but to offer top-notch domestic companionship.

This is a remarkably civilized cat, with a sweet, amiable personality. Chinchilla cats can adapt to almost any environment, and are known to get along with children, dogs, horses and even small animals that might also be part of the family.

They have a low prey drive which makes them calm, friendly and hospitable, but also means they probably won't be bouncing off the walls trying to catch the light from a laser pointer. 

Chinchilla cats actively and happily seek out human attention and interaction, but aren't pesty or annoyingly insistent about it. Often, they are just happy to be on the same couch, or even in the same room as you, lending their peaceful presence to your daily routine. They have particularly soothing purrs, too!

The Chinchilla can be an excellent choice for a gentle child who wants to dote attention. They are usually very patient, with just the right amount of playfulness.

This is also a good choice for someone who may not be home allot, since they can pass the time readily, and seem to enjoy some space. But remember, they will need more time for grooming than just about any other breed you could choose, so if you haven't the time for that, definitely consider some of the more naturally occurring long-haired cat breeds like the Norwegian Forest cat.

If the snub-nose is what appeals to you, you can get the same facial expression from the Exotic shorthair cat, without the furry coat.

The Chinchilla cat is sometimes recognized as it's own separate breed, and sometimes is considered a color variety of Persian, depending on the Cat Association the breeder is a member of.

The coat is long and profuse with a dense undercoat. Matting occurs freely and regularly and you must brush this cat several times a week to avoid health and skin problems, as well as to maintain their appearance. 

Regular grooming can be a wonderful and relaxing experience for both pet and owner, but if you smirked (even just a little) when you read that, then please don't get a Chinchilla cat. The attraction of the magnificent coat gets old fast if you don't enjoy the maintenance, and a shaved Chinchilla is simply a terrible waste.

These are round, stocky cats that, unfortunately, have many breed-related health issues. They are specifically bred to be brachycephalic, (flat nosed) and with the shortening of the face comes many other skeletal issues affecting the breathing, the eyes, and possibly even the brain in extreme cases. Prospective owners should study breeders carefully, and try to observe the adult cats from each bloodline. 

Because it is easy-going and revels in quiet interaction, the Chinchilla is a nice family cat that does surprisingly well with considerate children, dogs, and other pets, and, with grooming requirements in mind, can be a truly wonderful companion for an elderly apartment dweller. -Chinchilla Cat Facts

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Chinchilla Kittens!Chinchilla Kittens!

Chinchilla kittens are a sight to behold. Perfect little powder puffs, often with just as perfect personalities. These kittens are usually easily trained and quick to adapt to a new environment, although some individuals may be a touch shy.

Chinchilla kittens sometimes take a few months to get their adult green eye color, and it may take well over a year for them to grow to full size and develop their adult coat.

They may even show some tabby-type stripes on the fur, especially around the legs, that usually disappears as the coat grows longer.

The Chinchilla is a breed that can usually be found available, although kittens may be a little pricey, and you may have to go on a waiting list.

As with all new kittens, your home should be kitten-proofed before the little ones arrival, although baby Chinchilla cats are usually pretty mellow, and a little less adventurous than some other breeds. See the new kitten checklist for more.

They will most likely want to be very close to family, and bond quickly to all family members, including dogs and other pets.

Regular grooming should start young, even if your kittens coat has come in yet. Going through the motions 2 or 3 times a week will get them used to, and even looking forward to the kind of attention they will undoubtedly require. 

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Golden ChinchillaGolden Chinchilla

Head Shape: The head should be very large, rounded and well-formed, relatively flat and straight between the ears. The nose is short, sometimes snubbed. The cheeks are full with broad, full jaw and firm chin. The ears are small, well furnished, rounded at the tip, and wide-set. The eyes are large and round with great expression highly desirable. Color may be any, sometimes dependent on coat color.

Body and Tail: The body should be large, round and heavy boned with a cobby quality - relatively short legs and a level back. Thick neck and broad shoulders and hips. The tail is long and full, carried proudly. The legs are short, straight, and well boned with large round feet. 

perfect Chinchilla catRuddy Abyssinian

Coat: The coat should be long and fluffy, standing well off the body. Good length over the entire body with full tail plume, britches and neck ruff. Glossy, soft and extravagant.

Pattern: The chinchilla coat pattern is actually a type of tabby coloring coupled with a gene that restricts dark pigment. It is a type of fur called "tipped", because only the very tip of each strand of hair has color. In chinchilla cats, the shaft of the hair strand is silver or snow white, and the very tip, sometimes only a 32nd of an inch has color. In the silver chinchilla coat, the hair shaft is white or silver and the tip of the hair is black. In the golden chinchilla, the tip of the hair is brown. Kittens will sometimes show some tabby type markings or striping, particularly on the face, tail and legs, but as the coat gets longer, these usually disappear. The nose leather should be pink or salmon colored and there should be very dark or black nose and eye-liner. Eyes should be a clear, rich to light lime-color. Turquoise eyes are also seen.

Overall Appearance: Big, lavishly furred and impressive. Full-bodied, big-boned with large, round head and beautiful, expressive eyes. Calm, patient and amiable.


  • Chinchilla cats are a color variety of the Persian cat
  • The Chinchilla cat is sometimes called the "Sterling Silver Cat"
  • Chinchilla cats can be silver or gold in color
  • A Chinchilla cat always has green eyes
  • Chinchilla cats are used in the "Fancy Feast" commercials

Beautiful Chinchilla CatBeautiful Chinchilla Cat

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