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The Chartreux cat is very large and exquisite cat with a lovely and composed disposition. This is a very old breed which originated in France in the middle ages.

They are believed to have been close companions of the monks of the Grand Chartreuse monastery

in the French Alps. The monks maintain an order of silence and, interestingly, the Chartreux is one of the quieter cat breeds with some individuals never meowing at all, just purring.

These cats can be on the very large side and take several years to mature. They are full-bodied and heavy boned with a dense and woolly coat of gorgeous blue fur, full, beautiful round faces and eyes the color of a new penny.

With their sheer size and fullness, and amazing copper colored eyes, an adult Chartreux can't be mistaken for the more commonly seen grey cat breed the Russian Blue, which is smaller overall with a leaner, more chiseled look, sleeker coat and bright green eyes.


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Chartreux cat



The personality of the Chartreux cat is sweet, mellow, quiet and affectionate. The head is broader than it is deep, creating a cherubic expression, befitting of the demeanor.

These cats are refined, intelligent, and well-mannered but also have some endearing, dog-like qualities like enjoying playing fetch, and coming running at the call of their name.

This is one of those special breeds that loves attention, but also enjoys a little alone time. Busy singles might find them the perfect roomate, ready to cuddle at the end of the day, not distraught or leaving you guilt-ridden when you head out to work in the morning.

Special grooming is not necessary, but the double coat may require some brushing to control stray hairs.

These are large-sized cats that have few breed-related health issues, although pattela luxation (dislocated knee) occurs infrequently. Inquire on this point with your breeder.

The Chartreux cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is a somewhat rare pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed.

Because it is relatively active and enjoys interaction, the Chartreux is a nice family cat that does well with considerate children and forms strong bonds, but does not impose itself and can be content with less attention.-Chartreux Cat Facts

Chartreux cat recliningChartreux Cat Reclining
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Chartreux KittenChartreux Kitten

Chartreux kittens are usually more calm and laid-back than some other breeds. 

These are bright, big, happy kittens that learn quickly and adapt happily to new surroundings.

They have allot of growing to do, and they grow rather slowly, not reaching their full, mature size until they are almost 2 years old.

The eye color may be dark, muddy or non-descript in kittens, and take some time - maybe up to a year - to develop the copper color of the breed.

Kittens may also have some striping on their limbs and tail that usually fade slowly over the first 8 months or so. In purebred Chartreux kittens, no striping should be visible after 2 years old.

Because this is a relatively rare cat, breeders of pedigree Chartreux kittens are often hard to find, and the price is may be a little higher for a pure-bred kitten.

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Chartreux face

Head Shape: The head is large and broad, more wedge-shaped than round. The jaw is powerful and well developed with full cheeks, but muzzle is small in comparison to head size, without being pinched or snubbed. Ears are somewhat small with rounded tips and furnishings inside. Eyes are large and round with great expression and should always be in the yellow, gold, or copper range. Deep copper color is desireable.

Body and Tail: The body is large and full with a quality of mass. Full, muscular shoulders and hips. Short, strong, well-ruffed neck. The legs are short for the body and moderately boned with small round feet. Tail is medium size and tapered.

Coat: The coat should be plush and very dense, short to medium in length.

Chartreux cat up a treeChartreux cat up a tree

Pattern: The color is always solid blue with silver highlights. Some kittens and young adults have tail rings and faint striping, but this should fade by two years leaving a clear solid shade of blue over the entire body without markings or excessive shading.

Overall Appearance: This should be a large, full-bodied cat with smaller feet and limbs, clear, beautiful color and a bright, handsome, and expressive face. Can't be confused with the Russian Blue cat when seen in the flesh, quite a different cat both inside and out. Quite, affectionate, and easy to handle despite imposing size.


Chartreux cat loungingChartreux cat lounging
  • The top coat of the Chartreux cat has a unique, woolly texture which, combined with the dense, plush undercoat creates a nearly waterproof cat!

Beautiful Chartreux CatBeautiful Chartreux Cat

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