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Everything needed for proper cat care is reviewed here in our Cat Care Guide including reviews of cat toys, furniture and carriers. We also offer some advice on choosing a cat, adoption, whether multiple cats are better than one, and a little info on cat health care, and feeding.

Caring for cats is actually pretty simple. They need proper nutrition, grooming, occasional attention from a veterinarian and naturally, lots of love.

Knowing that we're doing the right thing to keep our pals healthy and happy makes the journey that much sweeter, but there's lots of information to sort out, so we organized it in this neat guide...

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Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!

Domestic Cat Care

What could be better than a clean, affectionate, intelligent, cuddly little animal to share your life with?

Cats are the most popular domestic animal in the world, and have been bred and cultivated exclusively for their companionship for thousands of years.

What's more, the domestic cat is the number one pet for people living in apartments, living in the city, working long hours and living alone. Because they are so adaptable, agreeable and so very capable of making our lives brighter and our homes a little happier. 

Dogs are absolutely wonderful, but cats are, quite frankly, way less difficult to care for, and the reward and return on investment is fantastic!

The difference between the time and effort required to care for a new puppy compared to a new kitten is major.

An eight-week old, newly adopted kitten is able to use a litter box all by itself, will be pretty good at regulating food intake if food and water are made available, and will entertain itself with any number of inexpensive toys for hours on end, and then excitedly greet you and happily join you on the couch for a relaxing evening.

Grooming requirements for short-haired cats are minimal, a kitten will never stun you by growing three times as big as the shelter predicted, and noise is rarely, if ever, a problem.

So why not adopt a kitty? Here is an informational cat care guide to help you decide...

Cats Rule!

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The long life span and general good health of the domestic house cat are just two of the qualities that make them excellent companions. Cat health care is relatively simple, and following just a few rules will keep the whole family healthy and happy!

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