British Shorthair portraitPortrait of a British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair cat is a full-bodied, short-legged cat with a large head, very full, wide cheeks, and large, round forward-facing eyes. This is a beautiful, classically shaped cat, with a very cat-like personality.

Originating in ancient Rome and brought to the British Isles 3000 years ago, the Brit has one of the oldest written breed standards, with exhibitions recorded as early as 1870!

It has a somewhat sour expression, and true champions of the breed have a very pronounced and distinctive dished contour to the face, as well as impressive width to the head, particularly across the jowls.

The coat is short and very dense with a tendency to some heavy shedding.

The attitude can be a bit serious and thoughtful, and individuals tend to enjoy solitude and a less hectic pace to the household.

If you are looking for a mellow, non-demanding, and dignified companion, this may be the cat for you.

This breed may have a low activity level but a very quick mind and has been widely used in film, television and stage acts because of its intelligence and ability to learn complex tasks.

Several versions of the famous commercial star "Morris the Cat" were a British Shorthairs and they had the 'tude to prove it.


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British shorthair Standing


British Shorthair cat

The personality of the British shorthair is mellow and dignified, in fact, the qualities that have made this cat such an outstanding companion for so many centuries are brimming in the modern British Shorthair, and this lovely cat can be the answer to a busy working singles pet dilemmas. 

These cats will join you for your morning coffee, snuggle with you as you watch the evening news, and never pester or get underfoot.

They cool, relaxed kitties and will not plead with you to stay if you grab your car keys. They actually revel in a little alone time and are quite content to lounge about the apartment while you put in a full days work - wonderful!

The British Shorthair cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. and is one of the most popular pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breeds. They have one of the first established breed standards, and individuals were exhibited in cat shows as early as 1870.

A good choice for a quiet lifestyle and a cat that does not require lots of fuss or attention

In fact, they are so laid-back that they are prone to obesity, so care must be taken with diet. Shedding may be high and regular grooming is desired.

These are sturdy medium-sized cats that have perhaps a higher than average risk of kidney stones and urinary tract issues, but no other breed-related health issues.

Because it is reletively sedate and enjoys moderate interaction, the British Shorthair cat makes a fine pet for older folks, or apartment dwellers, and a nice family cat that can do well with older, considerate children. -British Shorthair Cat Facts

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Group of British Shorthair KittensGroup of British Shorthair Kittens!

British shorthair kittens are particularly laid back and easy to care for. They are extremely bright and quick to learn the household routine.

They are busy and curious, of course, and may put themselves in precarious situations until they learn their limitations. 

Kitten-proofing is definitely recommended for anyone considering adopting or purchasing a British Shorthair kitten. 

High furniture should be off limits, caution should be taken when holding these wriggly little youngsters, particularly when carrying them across hard wood or tile floors, and spaces under counters and doors should be blocked off as they have a very strong urge to explore.

In Appearance, the British shorthair kitten is very much a miniature adult. The large round head and cobby form are present even in the littlest Brits, and the confidence is there too.

They tend to grow at an average rate and reach mature height at about 6 months, filling out and maturing to full size and weight at about one year old.  

Because this is a very popular cat, breeders of pedigree British Shorthair cats can be found relatively easily, and the price is usually affordable for a pure-bred kitten.

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British Shorthair closeup

Head Shape: The head should be large, broad and well rounded with full, even "chubby" cheeks, a broad, well-formed muzzle with strong chin and, in show specimens, a flat or even "dished" quality from forehead to the middle of the nose. This gives a very unique and instantly recognizable profile to the breed. Expression is important and should be sincere and beautifully enhanced by the very large, round eyes. The eye color may be any, but their are some requirements with certain of the many coat colors available.

Body and Tail: The body is medium to large, not much longer than tall, with the most important factor being quality and width. A broad chest and hips with flattened top line, the cat should be wide when viewed from above, but muscular and well-kept. The neck should be short and with a bull-dog quality, especially evident in males. The legs are medium in length, well-boned, strongly muscled and with large round, well-knuckled feet. The tail is medium in length, wide with only a slight taper and carried at back level when relaxed.

White British ShorthairWhite British Shorthair

Coat: The coat should be short and very dense.

Pattern: Although many cats of this breed are blue in color, a large variety of colors and patterns are accepted with lengthy explanations of each color's desired appearance. Each individual Cat Breed Association has their own specific preferences.

Overall Appearance: This should be a medium to large size cat of great substance. Bone and muscle should be powerful, broad and high-quality. Thick, but not fat. Stocky but not soft. These are well-rounded, pleasant and intelligent cats. 


British Shorthair cat loungingBritish Shorthair cat lounging
  • The British Shorthair was developed from cats brought to Britain from Rome 3000 years ago. The modern breed is often reffered to as the "bulldog of cats" due to its stocky build and British history.
  • Although Blue color is the most common, these cats come in almost any color and pattern.

Beautiful British Shorthair CatBeautiful British Shorthair Cat

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