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The best self-cleaning litter box has to work for you, your cat and your pocket book too...self-cleaning may mean completely automatic, but some litter boxes are more automatic than others. let's review some automatic cat litter box features, and find out which is the best self cleaning litter box...

Our First Question...What does "Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box" mean?

To clean a litter box you have to use a scoop and manually remove clumps of wet litter and solid waste. With a "self cleaning litter box" you get three different types of assistance.

Mechanical: A simple self-cleaning litter box that provides a mechanical means to separate the waste from the litter, so you don't have to scoop it yourself. Hand operated.

Sifting: The next step up is a sifting litter box that not only separates the waste, but also moves it to a receptacle, so the cleaning is hands-free. Automatic electric or battery operated.

Fully Automatic: Finally, a fully automatic, self-cleaning cat litter box cleans the litter, and the litter box, so you never have to worry about litter box cleaning again. Automatic electric or battery operated.

Maybe it all comes down to how much you hate a dirty cat box, but we've tried them all over the years and these are the best self-cleaning litter boxes in these three categories...check out the reviews...

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The Best Sifting Litter Box

Wanna be scoop-free? The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box was designed by engineers at MIT and is the only self cleaning litter box with a completely boxdisposable tray, so there is no need to touch, clean, empty or fill for up to 30 days! The amazing blue litter crystals stay fresh for weeks, the box cleans itself after every use, and you simply discard the tray every 20-30 days for a fresh, happy household!

M.I.T. Engineered!

The Best Fully Automatic Cat Litter Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

With the CatGenie, your cats have a bathroom that's more hygienic than your own. CatGenie not only flushes away waste it also washes itself clean. All you do is touch a button to program the cleaning to your schedule. 

You'll never touch, smell, breathe, buy or carry cat litter ever again!

The Best Mechanical Litter Box

The next type of self-cleaning litter boxes are mechanical, where a unique and clever design allows for a whole new quick and affordable way to clean the pan. The best one we've found is the

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Best Bang for the Buck!

how could something so could something so cute...

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