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The best heated cat beds available meet all the criteria of an excellent traditional cat bed, while providing a safe and evenly heated sleeping surface. Whether the bed is heated or not, choice and placement of your cats bed can be very important to the ultimate health and happiness of the family.  

Kittens and cats coming into a new home for the first time will be instantly at ease when they find a warm bed in the perfect location to call their own.

So what is the perfect location? Well, cats want to see, but not necessarily be seen, and that's why they so often end up on the top of the refrigerator- high, dry and discreet.

If you can't offer a secluded location, go for a hooded bed to provide the coziness. Interestingly, in addition to location, the smell of the bed is vital as well. Sometimes brand new beds have a factory smell that turn cats off. Place some of your clothing in the bed, a shirt or soft jacket that will transform the bed from something new and strange to something very inviting. The right smell can change everything.

Lastly, when it comes to senior kitties, or cats with intestinal troubles or nagging injuries, the best heated cat beds can be a Godsend. Particularly when dealing with arthritis, gentle, even heat can really make a difference in your cats overall comfort and quality of life.

When you find them choosing the heated bed 100% of the time, you know you've done good for your old soul, so check these beds out, you will find them beautiful and surprisingly affordable and they are all our top picks for best heated cat beds.

Cats Rule!

Enjoy the journey and always remember...Cats Rule!

Best Indoor Heated Cat Bed

After trying a number of different heated beds, we've found that the 

Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

is just about the best heated cat bed available.

Check out this adorable little video and you'll see why we feel these are really the best .....

Check Out the Video!


They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and the entire cover zips off to be  machine washed. With a 4-watt heat source, steady, even, and safe heat emanates mildly up through the bottom cushion and Holy Cow - Cats absolutely love it!

These beautiful, plush, well-designed beds come in several sizes. There is also a deluxe style that has a removable hood for a little more privacy. 

Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

This is a simple, timeless house-style cat bed and shelter that is just hard to beat when it comes to performance. The

K&H Outdoor Kitty House, Heated

is just about the best heated outdoor cat bed available.

Check Out the Video!

heated cat house

Attractive, easy to assemble with a zippered roof, and the cord is steel wrapped to protect against chewing and the elements. 

This is one of the best heated beds for people seeking a simple solution to the issues of outdoor or feral cats.  

It can protect young, old, sick or injured cats by keeping them warm when they really need it. Check out the terrific video below for all the details....

K&H Outdoor Kitty House, Heated

how could something so could something so cute...

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