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The best cat carriers are broken down into four categories. First you have the classic hard-sided, travel-safe, and airline approved cat carriers designed for the airplane cargo hold. 

The best cat carriers of this type are focused on secure containment and the safety of the occupant.

Then there are softer, more casual airline-approved cat carriers designed to carry-on and fit under your seat. These are still designed with safety in mind but are well-padded, smartly engineered and surprisingly stylish.

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Next you will find cool cat carriers that are not designed with airline specs in mind. These are for relaxed travel, are soft-sided carriers that provide lots of comfort. The best cat carriers of this style are great for trips to the vet, road-trips etc.

And the fourth type of carrier for cats is the day-carrier. Cool cat carriers of this type are designed for the lucky cat who gets to go everywhere. These shoulder-bag, or tote-bag type cat carriers usually have a stylish appearance and place emphasis not just on the comfort of the cat nestled in the totebag, but on the comfort of the human doing the carrying.

These are usually not the best cat carriers for trips that might require your cat sleep overnight in it, or need water and food provided, but they are cozy and just right for taking in the sights. See all our favorite cool cat carriers here... 

Cats Rule!

Enjoy the journey and always remember...Cats Rule!

The Best Airline-Approved Carry-on!

Whether you’re going to the vet or on a flight across the country, traveling with your cat can be stressful! That’s why you need this 

4 Way Expandable Soft Sided Airline Approved Carrier by Smiling Paws Pets

Inside, an extra-thick, machine washable fleece pad provides comfort and warmth and the ventilated design allows for maximum air circulation.

Really Awesome!

This is our all-time favorite cat carrier because of its amazing versatility, elegant look and high-quality construction.

You can use the shoulder strap or top carry-handle when on the move, and while waiting or at the hotel, you can expand this bag on the front, back & sides to give your pet more room to stretch out - 

Made of tough, water-resistant nylon polyester, it’s also leak-proof! And when you’re done it folds up flat.

A Stylish, Soft-sided Option

Mr Peanut!

Looking for a little color and flair? Try 

Mr. Peanut's Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Get your gorgeous, soft-sided, airline approved cat carrier from a company with an awesome mission statement!

Mr. Peanut's Mission Statement:

Mr. Peanut's believes animals should have only the best quality, safe, ethical, cruelty-free, ecologically produced products. We strive to provide these and we thank you for your support

Mr. Peanut's Soft Sided Carrier

Sherpa-Style Compact!

Our next submission in the soft-sided category of best cat carriers is the long-time favorite

Sherpa Element Duffle Carrier

This handsome, soft-sided, duffle-style cat carrier is compact in size and airline approved, so you can go pretty much anywhere with it. A sturdy shoulder strap and the ability to open the top of the door while your carrying the bag makes it perfect for any travel situation.

This very cool cat carrier has a faux sheepskin lining, beautiful handles and stitching, and thoughtful details including a zippered side pocket and a little leather luggage tag. Multiple dark-colored mesh windows provide that critical sweet-spot of visibility and privacy, and two sizes accommodate cats up to about 14lbs.


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