The American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail portraitPortrait of an American Bobtail Cat

The American Bobtail cat is a muscular cat with a medium length plush double coat, (also seen with a long coat) and small tufts on the tips of the ears. The tail is 4 to 6 inches long with a graceful curve. 

These beautiful cats have a wild, almost lynx or bobcat look that defines the breed and is most desirable, but despite that widcat appearance, American Bobtails are extremely docile, tractable and good-natured.

They are natural clowns with adorable personalities, and are known for lots of loud purring and some unusual chirps and clicking sounds when playing.

Bobtails are an excellent choice for busy households with kids and other pets, including dogs and sometimes even small animals like rabbits.

This happy and even-tempered cat is one of the best choices for families with younger children in particular and is less likely to shy away from the possible rough and enthusiastic contact of young children than most other breeds.

There are several other cat breeds with short or missing tails like the Manx cat, the Kurilian bobtail, and the Japanese Bobtail

American Bobtail CAT-STATS

American Bobtail cat descriptive wordsHow Do You Describe an American Bobtail Cat?
American Bobtail Cat-Stats

American Bobtail golden eyes

American Bobtail Cat Personality

Bobtail Cat tough look

The personality of the American Bobtail cat is often described as "dog-like". These robust cats tend to love playing fetch, tag, or even hide and seek type games. They often have favorite toys they will carry around in their mouths. 

They are adaptable and hardy, ready to roughhouse, or happy to relax.

They are occasionally described as being a good "mans cat", and may be allot less fussy than other breeds. Bobtails like warm companionship and benefit from other cats, dogs or children in the family.

Although not particularly vocal, they have a tendency towards some less typical sounds like chirping or trilling when excited or happy or in greeting.

The American Bobtail cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization, and is one of the more popular pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breeds.

This is a relatively new breed developed in the United States in the 1960's with the cross of a bob-tailed individual with a Siamese cat.

The Siamese heritage is evident in the somewhat vocal nature and lovely sense of humor found in todays American Bobtail.

The coat may be any color, but tiger and tabby patterns dominate.

These are chunky, medium-sized cats with plush double coats that require moderate grooming. They have few breed-related health issues.

Because it is moderatly active and desires interaction this rough and ready cat is a superb family pet that can handle, and often revels, in the attention of dogs and little children. -American Bobtail Cat Facts

American Bobtail play pose
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American Bobtail Kittens

American Bobtail KittenAmerican Bobtail Kitten!

American Bobtail kittens are powerful little balls of energy. Bold and curious, but usually calm and happy when handled, they are excellent first cats for folks with little cat rearing experience.

Their pleasant nature and out-going, playful style are complemented by a sweet disposition and a desire to please which is not seen in many cat breeds.

American Bobtail kittens tend to be a little scaggly and leggy in appearance, but grow and mature fairly quickly.

They will be full height by about 8 months and will fill out to mature weight over the next year or so.

Young males will develop a ruff around the neck and usually have a larger, more impressive head and wider paws than females.

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American Bobtail Cat Breed Standard

American bobtail closeupAmerican bobtail closeup

Head Shape: The head is broad and large with dramatic cheekbones. The muzzle is broad and well defined and must not look delicate or pinched. The chin and jaws are full and pronounced. The eyes are large and almond shaped with heavy brows giving a unique look. The eyes may be any color, including odd-eyed. The ears are large with tufts or "furnishing" quite desirable. 

Body and Tail: The cat should be muscular and of medium length with broad, wide shoulders and hips. Slightly longer than tall with prominent shoulder blades. The neck is short and broad. The hind legs are longer than the front with lots of bone and muscle to the legs. Feet are massive and round, often tufted between the toes. The tail should be at least 1 inch long, but 6 inches or so is preferred. About half to a third the length of a normal tail.

Coat: Short and dense double coat that stands off from the body and can sometimes be described as "scruffy". Not close lying or tight. The breed is seen in a long coat as well, although not as often.

Colors: Any color or pattern is acceptable. Tabby and tiger patterns are most commonly seen and suit the wild type that is desired.

Overall: This should be a wide and muscular cat with back legs longer than front and good bone.  The single most important trait is the wild type - a distinct resemblance to a lynx or bobcat, complete with ear tufts. A distinctly non-wild personality is equally important and this cat is a notoriously pleasant and sporting family-oriented pet. 

A Few More American Bobtail Facts

American bobtail in the snowAmerican bobtail in the snow
  • American bobtail tails are half the length of a typical cat
  • They are descended from Siamese cats 
  • American bobtail cats are excellent with children
  • They have an unusual vocabulary of clicks and chirps!

Playful American Bobtail CatBeautiful American Bobtail Cat

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