Jesus and her sister, Bulldog

by Olivia Cartwright
(New York)

Jesus (top left) and Bulldog (top right) at 10 months

Jesus (top left) and Bulldog (top right) at 10 months

Jesus was born on Easter of 2013 (March 31). Her sister, Bulldog was born later on about 10 hours later, which was unknown to any one for a while. When I first saw them (they were 2 days old) I couldn't believe how cute they were (not that there any less cute now)! Bulldog kept falling out of the cat bed and Jesus was only interested in sleeping and eating. They were nick-name Jesus and Bulldog at birth because Jesus was born on my mom's friend's (the lady who owned the mother cat) lap and Bulldog was born with a slightly squashed nose and a white stripe down her nose like our dog, Islay, who's a Boston Terrier (they look a little like Bulldogs), and obviously, the names stuck. When we brought them home for the first time they ran around like maniacs and just had to jump on the piano a few times. If your working on something at the table, first Jesus'll knock your pencil or pen off the table (if your not holding it), then lay down on your papers! Now Jesus can get into just about any closed door or cabinet. She once got into a cabinet 9ft straight off the ground that was closed and latched! She also loves knocking pencils, pens, and papers off the table and she'll do any thing to be the first to the food bowl. Bulldog is just as bad, if not worse. She loves sliding down curtains and knocking the bigger things Jesus missed off the table. She'll also randomly lay down in the middle of the floor in everybody's way. She likes sitting on top of the refrigerator next to the back door waiting for someone to go in or out, then she'll jump down and try to dart outside (they're inside cats). Now they're 10 months old and not any calmer than they were at 5 months!

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Jan 31, 2014
so cute
by: Ray C.

love the yawning in the bed pic

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