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I'm a firm believer in outdoor cats. I've had as many as 13 cats at one time and all were outside. Admittedly some were Wild but I was able to catch them

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cat lover

Indoor only!! Too many dangers out there. We need to protect them, they are precious.

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Indoor for city and partly outdoor for country cats.

City life is dangerous for kitties. Diseases are more fluent and accidents are more prone to happen. I would keep my kitty indoors in the city. But

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My cat Dave

This is my cat Dave, he was the first pet that I ever had. As a kitten he was always in mischief, one time a neighbour from opposite side of town brought

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Bibi the Maine Coon cat

Bibi was received as a birthday gift. His coat is the silver mackarel tabby, and he is quite peaceful. His favorite hobbies are chilling on the cat gym

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