The Turkish Angora Cat

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The Turkish Angora cat is an ancient, naturally occurring breed, originally from the Angora or Ankara region of Turkey. In the 16th century

Turkish Sultans gifted these beautiful cats to French and English nobility

Probably the first long-haired cats seen in Europe, they were wildly popular until Persian cats arrived with an even fuller coat and more exotic appearance. The Angora is quite a different cat from the Persian. Lean, lithe, athletic and active, they will take to your lap, but would like a little action first. Sometimes a little shy, always gentle and eternally gorgeous, the Angora is one of the true icons of the cat world.

Turkish Angora

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Turkish Angora cats

Turkish Angora Cat Personality

The Turkish Angora has a gentle personality and is quite cat-like. They are an excellent choice for singles and calm households and can excel as loving companions.

happy to play, equally happy to relax and not particularly demanding of time

These are slender, small-sized cats that have few breed-related health issues, but deafness is common in blue-eyed individuals. Because it is fairly active and desires interaction, the Turkish Angora can be a nice cat for the right family but it is very sensitive to rough or boisterous

handling, and noisy environments. There are better choices for young, enthusiastic children. See kid-friendly cat breeds.The Turkish Angora cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is a relatively common pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed. This is surely one of the oldest cat breeds. The Angora comes in any color or pattern with white and silver being most common. The coat is semi-long and silky with no undercoat. so only moderate grooming is desired.-Turkish Angora Cat Facts

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Standards

cat tales Turkish Angora full body

Head Shape: The head should be small to medium in size proportion to the body. The forehead is long and smooth, chin firm and rounded, high cheekbones. The ears are wide, tall, pointed and with tufts desirable. The eyes are almond shaped,slanted and very large. The desired color is amber, but blue and odd-eyed cats are often seen in the white color and odd-eyed are often highly prized.
Body and Tail: The body should be slim, long, and strong. Back limbs slightly longer than front. Long legs with medium size, well-knuckled feet. The feet have long feathering between the toes. The tail is long, straight, narrow and well-feathered, almost plume-like.
Coat: The coat should be full and medium-long, longer on the ruff, tail and thighs. The hair is generally straight but tends to waves on the belly.
Pattern: Solid colors and white with blue, black, cream or red. Solid white is the classic look.
Overall Appearance: This is a medium size cat with a long, slender and graceful appearance. The fur is silky and feathery with beautiful sheen.

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A Few More Turkish Angora Facts

Turkish Angora cats

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