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Snowshoe catThere are many short-haired cat breeds available including Abyssinian cats, Bombay cats and of course, American and British Shorthair cats. Some of the breeds listed here may have individuals with longer coats. The Somali, Manx and Munchkins all have breeders specializing in longer coated versions of those breeds. Short hair does not mean less shedding, however. That trait varies from breed to breed and can also depend on the health, environment and even the stress-level of the individual cat. Discover facts, photos and information about all the different cat breeds with short hair available today. Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!King Cat


O.K. so while you check out all the fancy felines in the -Cat Breeds Encyclopedia- keep in mind that all breed descriptions are generalizations and don't apply to all individuals. Learn about your potential new best friend, research breeds and breeders thoroughly, and always remember...Cats Rule!

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