The Persian Cat

Persian cat

 -CatStats-         Persian
size med-large weight 12-15lbs
vocal? low active? low
coat long and full family? yes
shed high children? yes
colors all colors and patterns

The Persian cat is the quintessential pure-bred cat. Most of what you see in these cats was man-made. Flat, kittenish faces, huge eyes, plump bodies and fur as long as 6 inches in the show ring. Every color under the rainbow, and a mellow, loyal and gentle companion to boot. The Persian absolutely requires regular and thorough grooming, and anyone who might be pressed for time should consider one of the more naturally occurring long-haired cat breeds instead, like the Norwegian Forest cat or the Turkish Angora cat, although neither has the laid back nature and lap-cat credentials of the lovely and classically beautiful Persian. (For the personality without the poof see the Exotic Shorthair cat) Persians tend to display slightly different characteristics depending on color since many of the colors breed true, and breeders can greatly influence things like size, personality, and in the case of this breed, the amount of coat and flatness of the face. Chinchillas tend to be less dish-faced, slightly slimmer, and more soft coated, while Red Persians, or "Red Self", tend to be quite large and thick with exaggeratedly flat faces, and so on....

Persian cat

All domestic cat breeds were developed with a certain look and personality in mind.
But naturally, breed descriptions are general and will not apply to all individuals.
Learn about your potential new best friend and research breeders thoroughly!

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The most popular breed in the world, newborn Persian kittens are registered by color. Each year single colors of Persian kittens easily outnumber many other cat breeds entire registries.                                                                     

Is A Persian Cat Right For You?

The Persian cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CPersian catFA), the world's largest cat organization. It is easily one of the most popular pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breeds in the world. There are several varieties that are almost breeds unto themselves including the Himalayan cat and the Chinchilla. All colors and patterns occur, and in the top show rings, each color is shown separately. The coat is long and profuse with a dense undercoat. Matting occurs freely and regularly and you must brush this cat several times a week to avoid health and skin problems, as well as to maintain their appearance. Regular grooming can be a wonderful and relaxing experience for both pet and owner, but if you smirked when you read that then please don't get a Persian cat. These are round, stocky cats that, unfortunately, have many breed-related health issues. They are specifically bred to be brachycephalic, (flat nosed) and with the shortening of the face comes many other skeletal issues affecting the breathing, the eyes, and possibly even the brain in extreme cases. Prospective owners should study breeders carefully, and try to observe the adult cats from each bloodline. Because it is easy-going and revels in quiet interaction the Persian is a nice family cat that does surprisingly well with considerate children, dogs, and other pets, and, with grooming requirements in mind, can be a truly wonderful companion for an elderly apartment dweller. See also the Exotic Shorthair cat which offers many of the Persian cats charms without the long coat.

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Persian Cat Breed Standards

Head Shape: The head should be very large, rounded and well-formed, relatively flat and straight between the ears. The nose is short, sometimes snubbed. The cheeks are full with broad, full jaw and firm chin. The ears are small, well furnished, rounded at the tip, and wide-set. The eyes are large and round with great expression highly desirable. Color may be any, sometimes dependent on coat color.
Body and Tail: The body should be large, round and heavy boned with a cobby quality - relatively short legs and a level back. Thick neck and broad shoulders and hips. The tail is long and full, carried proudly. The legs are short, straight, and well boned with large round feet.
Coat: The coat should be long and fluffy, standing well off the body. Good length over the entire body with full tail plume, britches and neck ruff. Glossy, soft and extravagant.
Pattern: Persian cats are available in a candy shop of colors with specific desirable elements to each shade.
Overall Appearance: Big and beautiful. An elegant, grand looking long-haired cat with big bones, a cobby body, massive, round head and expressive eyes. These cats have been bred for domestic companionship for centuries and they make excellent company. Sweet, patient personality.

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Inside Cat or Outside Cat?

Wondering if you should allow your cat to go outside unsupervised? Well there are definitely some pure breeds that should never be outside cats. Hairless breeds like the Sphynx are extremely vulnerable and should always be supervised outdoors. Docile breeds like the Burmese may not be able to defend themselves. All cats allowed outdoors are exposed to diseases and parasites that they would not otherwise encounter. Fred Flintstone put his saber-tooth out every night, but the cat jumped right back in the window - and he was a saber-tooth! Still, most of us feel a little envy when we see our domestic companion out on some high perch, sniffing the breeze of liberty, and there is no doubt that cats love their freedom. So what do YOU think ....Inside Cat or Outside Cat? Comment Here...

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