Long-haired Cat Breeds

There are lots of gorgeous long-haired cat breeds available including Angora cats, Himalayan cats and of course, Persian cats. Birman cats and Ragdoll cats tend to have

dense plush coats. The Turkish Angora and Turkish Van cats have silky coats. The Persian, Maine Coon and Himalayan have full, long outer coats with plush undercoats. Some of these cats with long coats like the Norwegian Forest cat developed naturally and tend to require less fussing, while others like the Persian and Himilayan are more the product of intense selective breeding and need some special care when it comes to grooming and skin health. There are a few breeds not listed here like the Munchkin cat and the Manx that may have individuals with long coats, but are usually short coated breeds. Discover facts, photos and information about all the different kinds of cat breeds with long hair. Enjoy the journey and always remember...Cats Rule!King Cat

Birman CatHimalayan CatMaine Coon CatNorwegian Forest Cat

Persian CatRagdoll CatTurkish Angora CatTurkish Van Cat

Full-coated Cats

These breeds feature full coats that may be quite long on some individuals, see also the Munchkin and Manx which have varying coat lengths.

American Bobtail CatAmerican Curl CatSiberian Catsomali cat

Purebred Cats

Cats have been selectively bred for appearance and temperament for thousands of years no doubt starting with the first good mousers who made themseleves useful in the first farmhouses. Recently all sorts of exciting varieties have been developed including several hairless breeds and some fabulous felines like the Singapura which is one of the smallest. Along with different domestic cats there are an assortment of wild cat/domestic cat crosses that add lots of spice to the mix. Exotic cats are in vogue too. Many of the varieties of cats listed here are pedigreed and recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association(CFA), the world's largest cat organization. Check them all out in our exclusive -CatStats- fact files.

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Inside Cat or Outside Cat?

Wondering if you should allow your cat to go outside unsupervised? Well there are definitely some pure breeds that should never be outside cats. Hairless breeds like the Sphynx are extremely vulnerable and should always be supervised outdoors. Docile breeds like the Burmese may not be able to defend themselves. All cats allowed outdoors are exposed to diseases and parasites that they would not otherwise encounter. Fred Flintstone put his saber-tooth out every night, but the cat jumped right back in the window - and he was a saber-tooth! Still, most of us feel a little envy when we see our domestic companion out on some high perch, sniffing the breeze of liberty, and there is no doubt that cats love their freedom. So what do YOU think ....Inside Cat or Outside Cat? Comment Here...

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