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Ranging between about 14 and up to 30 pounds, large cat breeds have always made intriguing companions.

Many cats that get really big have very long kittenhoods, sometimes continuing to grow for up to five years!

For some giant breeds like Maine Coon cats, that aren't just huge, but also heavy and big-boned, a special diet during the growing years is recommended 

Some of these robust breeds are also notoriously kid-friendly cats, and with all the added size they are less prone to accidental injury from an over-eager child. 

Cats like the

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So check these big cats out! Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!

Large Cat Breeds A to Z


Many big cat breeds, like the Himalayan, the Siberian and the legendary Maine Coon cat developed in cold climates and so are full-coated as well as full-bodied.

The Maine coon is the largest domestic cat breed, with massive paws, a muscular and athletic frame and a huge bushy tail reminiscent of the North American raccoon. Naturally, there is no actual raccoon blood in the breeds ancestry, and they are in fact, remarkably civilized, domestic, and well-behaved housepets.

The extra large cat breeds the Savannah and Bengal are hybrids, created by crossing a domestic cat with a wild species, so they do have some wild in them, and acquiring one should start with allot of research and thought. They are pricey as well, so check your bank account, because $10,000 is not an unreasonable sum for a fine kitten of one of these exotic breeds.

And the Ragdoll and Snowshoe cats are not just huge cat breeds, but were specifically selected for their sweet personalities and excellent pet qualities.

Cats of these breeds should range from 14 pounds to as much as 30 pounds but, of course, there will be exceptions.

The only way to guarantee adult size is to adopt a deserving adult cat.  

Maine Coon CatMaine Coon Cat


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SavannahSavannah Cat Lounging
  • The Savannah cat is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval
  • The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed
  • Savannahs and Bengals are often larger than Maine Coon cats, but they are hybrids, not breeds
  • A hybrid is a cross between two different species

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