Kid-Friendly Cat BreedsAmerican Shorthair kittens

 These kid-friendly cat breeds are offered as a guide to help in the very important decision of what cat is right for you. These are suggestions and opinions from personal and professional experience but please remember that all cats are individuals and may excel or fall short of expectations, and sometimes the best cat for the job waits patiently for you at your local animal shelter. Among the selection you may find that the Burmese and the Devon Rex, because of their small size, may become shy with clumsy handling, where as the American Bobtail, the Birman and the Ragdoll are probably the most forgiving. These particular cat breeds have been the most consistently superb, not only with children, but also with other pets, and busy households, so check them out! Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!King Cat


O.K. so while you check out all the fancy felines in the -Cat Breeds Encyclopedia- keep in mind that all breed descriptions are generalizations and don't apply to all individuals. Learn about your potential new best friend, research breeds and breeders thoroughly, and always remember...Cats Rule!

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