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Curly-haired cat breeds have become very popular recently, and include some of the most attractive and good-natured cats of the feline world. Cats always need to be great companions first, with other traits like coat type and size being less important factors, but with these curly coated cat breeds the personality is the star and the waves come along for the show. The Cornish Rex cat and the Devon Rex cat have tight short curls with fine silky hair while the Selkirk Rex and the LaPerm have loose long curls and dense undercoats. Some people with cat allergies may find these cats less irritating as well. See hypoallergenic cat breeds for even more choices. Cats with curly hair are usually the result of a mutation, and breeds take time and skilled breeding to develop, so some of these kitties are not only rare but may be kinda pricey as well. Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!King Cat


O.K. so while you check out all the fancy felines in the -Cat Breeds Encyclopedia- keep in mind that all breed descriptions are generalizations and don't apply to all individuals. Learn about your potential new best friend, research breeds and breeders thoroughly, and always remember...Cats Rule!

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