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Snowshoe catCat litter boxes aren't very glamorous, or are they? Check out these cool cat pans and discover cat housebreaking solutions from simple to super hi-tech! The fact that cats can be so easily and naturally litter-pan trained (see 

litter-pan training) is a blessing that gives us lots of freedom. Carefree cat owners do not have to rush home to let the cat out, or serve at the end of a leash, baggie in hand, on snowy mornings or rainy nights. But when that pan needs cleaning suddenly you are a slave again! Well, cat boxes have evolved over the years, litter box concealers have become way more stylish and automatic cat litter pans have become not only much more efficient, quiet and intuitive, but some are absolutely beautiful and will not be an eyesore in the center of your luxurious living room or tiny apartment.King Cat
Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!

kitty a go-go

Most Pizazz: The simplest cool litter boxes offer attractive ways to cover the classic kitty litter pan like the Kitty A GoGo Cat Litter Box - Polka Dotwhich comes in several different colors and designs. With a litter pan this cute there is no need to hide!


Most Innovative: The Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box offers a completely unique approach to cat box odors - divide and conquer! It seperates solids from liquids with a patented design tidy cat breezethat works so well it is highly recommended for multi-cat or large cat households where odors can be particularly hard to control. Available in assorted colors the "Breeze" makes cat box odor a thing of the past!



Most Cool for the Buck: The next type of cool litter boxes are mechanical, where a unique and clever  design allows for a whole new quick and comfortable way to clean the pan, like the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box


MIT Engineered: Wanna be scoop-free? The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box was designed by engineers at MIT and is the only cool litter box with a completely boxdisposable tray, so there is no need to touch, clean, empty or fill for up to 30 days! The amazing blue litter crystals stay fresh for weeks, the box cleans itself after every use, and you simply discard the tray every 20-30 days for a fresh, happy household!

             So Smart!

robotMost Fun: When it comes to cool litter boxes, top of the line means going high-tech. So why not have a robot clean up after your cat? And a sexy, sleek one at that! The Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box  is quiet and beautiful enough to be placed in any room in the house, and when your guests ask "What is That?" you can happily explain it's your little slice of freedom from the hassle of litter box messes!

Too Cool!

Cleanest: Finally, no cool litter box list would be complete without the beautiful and absolutely amazing CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box when hooked up to a cat genie litter boxwater supply this litter box is a completely automated sanitary system that is hard to beat for hands-free operation. It uses exclusive washable and reusable litter granules that are fully washed, sanitized, and dried after each use. The money saved on kitty litter will pay for the Genie in just a few years, and your home will always be fresh and clean...

         Just Incredible!

Our Most Beautiful Award is a tie between this Mox Tower Litter Box mox tower the most un-litter-box-looking litter box you will ever see...

 And the totally esquisite
 ModKat Litter Box  modko

Both of these incredible designs are ultra-sleek and feature a top-entry that has become very popular of late due to the elimination of litter trails.



Cool Cat Facts... cool cat
Close to 2 million deserving cats and kittens are adopted from state and local animal shelters every single year in the U.S.A.  Hopefully the new owners use a New kitten checklist to help things run smooth!


O.K. so while you check out all the fancy felines in the -Cat Breeds Encyclopedia- keep in mind that all breed descriptions are generalizations and don't apply to all individuals. Learn about your potential new best friend, research breeds and breeders thoroughly, and always remember...Cats Rule!


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