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Cat health insurance can be a confusing topic, but keeping your pet healthy

is really pretty simple. Pet cats need, at minimum, annual wellness checkups to update vaccinations, monitor weight, and have an experienced vet examine them for possible hidden health issues before they become a bigger problem. Some people like to have minor grooming chores like nail clipping and ear cleaning done at the same time. Usually, everything checks out just fine. One of the things that makes the domestic cat such a popular companion is the ease in which they may be kept in perfect health and happiness. But if you beloved pet should have an accident or major illness, the costs to treat can be astronomical. Most pet insurance plans are designed to work almost exactly like our own health insurance, and the right cat insurance plan can make managing a health emergency just a little easier. So start here...
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Do You Really Need Health Insurance For a Cat?

The answer to this question varies from situation to situation. Insurance of any kind tends to be almost a cultural thing. Some families only feel secure with the best coverage, some folks would rather put funds aside in case of emergency and pay as they go, and many more will go without any safety net at all and deal with each situation as it happens - or maybe doesn't happen.

The best thing you can do, if you like the idea of some security and limited surprises, is to get a plan early on and stick with it. Some insurance companies have an age limit on the animals they will accept (usually around 5 or 6 years old.)  Don't let the coverage lapse once you start. You will need to provide your cats health history before your cat will be considered for coverage. Age, previous accidents, and whether or not your pet is spayed or neutered are some of the things that can influence acceptance and the price you are quoted.  Of course,  most policies will deny or limit coverage based on genetic issues and pre-existing conditions.

What Do Cat Health Insurance Plans Cover?

The majority of cat health insurance plans don't cover basic office visits. There are some companies that offer "Wellness Plans" at additional kittencost that will cover office visit fees, but they can be pricey. Most pet owners agree it isn't the maintenance of a cats health that can be costly, it is the accident or the unexpected. Catastrophic care coverage, and quality coverage for congenital issues and long-term illnesses is what you should be most concerned about. There are no plans available that will cover a pre-existing condition.

Pet Health Insurance Policy Red Flags

Beware of plans that have what is known as a "scheduled reimbursement" plan. This means the insurance company has predetermined a set amount per condition, and will not pay beyond that amount. The best companies pay a percentage (up to 90%) of the actual veterinary bill.

Look out for cat health insurance that has a maximum payout per condition. These can sometimes be as low as $2,000 for the length of that condition. That is simply too low to justify the cost of the coverage, since the huge cost of a major health issue is exactly what you are trying to protect yourself against.

Many companies put a cap on lifetime benefits - this can be financially devastating if your pet suffers from a long term illness.

Drug coverage is usually included, but there are some companies that require additional fees for medications. It is not industry standard to have to pay more just to have drug coverage, so keep an eye out for it when reviewing policies.

Top 5 Things You Need in a Cat Health Insurance Plan

Let's put this all together to clarify the most important points.

You Need:

  • Coverage for all accidents and illnesses
  • No restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Coverage for up to 90 percent of the actual vet bill
  • Coverage for medications, advanced testing and hospital stays
  • No restrictions or caps on the payout amount or lifetime benefit

Although there are some other good choices available, the best reviewed cat insurance plan that meets all these criteria is Healthy Paws which is by far our top pick.  The coverage starts within 15 days for most pets and the customer service is the highest ranked in the industry. 

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation



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