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Snowshoe catThe best heated cat beds available meet all the criteria of an excellent traditional cat bed while providing a safe and evenly heated sleeping surface. Whether the bed is heated or not, choice and placement of your cats bed can be very important to the ultimate health and happiness of the family.  

Kittens and cats coming into a new home for the first time will be instantly at ease when they find a warm bed in the perfect location to call their own. So what is the perfect location? Well, cats want to see but not neccesarily be seen, and that's why they so often end up on the top of the refrigerator- high, dry and discreet. If you can't offer a secluded location, go for a hooded bed to provide the coziness. Interestingly, in addition to location, the smell of the bed is vital as well. Sometimes brand new beds have a factory smell that turn cats off. Place some of your clothing in the bed, a shirt or soft jacket that will transform the bed from something new and strange to something very inviting. The right smell can change everything. Lastly, when it comes to senior kitties, or cats with intestinal troubles or nagging injuries, the best heated cat beds can be a Godsend. Particularly when dealing with arthritis, gentle, even heat can really make a difference in your cats overall comfort and quality of life. When you find them choosing the heated bed 100% of the time you know you've done good for your old soul, so check these beds out, you will find them beautiful and surprisingly affordable and they are all our top picks for best heated cat beds.
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Best Indoor Heated Cat Bed

indoor heated cat bedLocated in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Manufacturing is the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the country. They make K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Beds, the best heated cat beds available. Thermo-kitty beds come in a heated cat bedvariety of colors and patterns and the entire cover easily zips off to be  machine washed. With a 4-watt heat source, steady, even, and safe heat eminates mildly up through the bottom cushion and Holy Cow cats absolutely love it! These beautiful, plush, well-designed beds come in several sizes. There is also a deluxe style K&H Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed that has a removable hood for a little more privacy.  Check out this adorable little video that gives you close-up views of the details and quality of these beds and you will see exactly why we feel these are really the best heated cat beds available.....
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Something Different: Also manufactured by K&H, the convertable and affordable K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin is perfect for chilly nights or just a little extra coziness. This bed is soft and heated cat bedwashable - just remove the heating pad and drop in the washing machine. It is easily converted to a cup-style bed by folding the top down to give you 3 different shape options. This bed is for indoor use only and the heating pad provides 4 watts of perfect, even heat that is safe and U.L. tested. This bed might be a tight fit for large cats. Perfect for the cat who is always playing in shopping bags.


Smart Design: Check out this gorgeous K&H Heated Thermo-Kkitty clubhouseitty Clubhouse. Your cat can sleep on top or inside this beautiful bed which has a sleek, unique, and modern design. This bed folds flat for shipping or storing and provides the safe, radiant, even heat that K&H is famous for. Although it looks very sturdy and might work very nicely in a garage or protected porch, the clubhouse is not intended for outdoor use. Check out the beds below for more suitable options in serious outdoor weather
  Very Stylish

Best Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

Easy-Clean, Durable, Waterproof: This is a simple, timeless house-style cat bed that is just hard to beat when it comes to performance. The K&H Outdoor Kitty House, Heatedoutdoor heated kitty house by a 40 watt heater that is thermostatically controlled to maintain the bed at a cats normal body temperature. One of the best heated cat beds for cats that are full-time outdoors, this bed is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing that makes it waterproof and a breeze to keep clean.  The roof hangs well past the 2 doors to keep cats warm, safe and dry. Easy to assemble with velcro-style walls and a zippered roof. Most outdoor style cat structures have 2 doors so the cat can't be cornered by another cat or unfriendly animal. The cord is steel wrapped to protect against chewing and the elements. This is one of the best heated cat beds for people seeking a simple solution to the issues of outdoor or feral cats.  It can protect young, old, sick or injured cats by keeping them warm when they really need it. Check out the terrific video below for all the details....

The All-Time Classic: Perfect for cold porches, sheds, barns or garages the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper, heated outdoor cat bedhas a 40 watt heater that is thermostatically controlled to maintain the bed at a cats normal body temperature. When he first adopted us, our tough old barn cat Billy, who is almost entirely feral, used this bed on the 6 or 7 nights a year that the temperature would dip into the single digits. Now, at what we assume to be about 12 years old, I see his contented face peering out almost every morning. Of course he's gone with the wind once everybody arrives, but knowing he is warm and comfortable overnight is very important. His bed is over a decade old and still works beautifully.
Perfect for the Porch


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