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Snowshoe catThe key to even the best cat treats is very simple - moderation. The best thing we can do for our pets is to provide a variety of healthy and

tasty foods. Starting with an excellent basic cat food as the main diet and major source of calories, and adding a few nice surprises now and then is the best way to go. You can check out best cat food for some excellent ideas on meal planning. But when it comes to rewarding or just spoiling your cat, should taste be the main concern in a cat treat? Or do you want to be sure everything you offer is organic and healthy? Here are our top choices for straight-up yummy cat snacks, that also happen to be some of the best healthy cat treats on the market today. Check them all out here...King Cat
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Something Different: Bonita flakes - a flakey dried tuna-  are a staple in Asian cooking and Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes made especially for cats is one of the best cat treats you will find as far as the yummy factor goes. healthy cat treatsThis is a dried bonito fish flake that still retains the fish oil providing benefits to coat and skin as well as digestion and eyehealth. It is all natural with no artificial , no additives and no preservatives but best, best, best of all most cats absolutely love this stuff! When my cats hear the package rustling they come charging into the kitchen from all directions. The appeal here, besides the smell and obviously the taste, is the size and texture of these big chips. Bonito flakes are a treat like no other, and knowing the health benefits they may bring to your cat will make you smile. The only minor drawback is that they can be a little messy leaving some flaky crumbs behind, but it doesn't stain and sweeps or vacuums up easily. This can be one of the best cat treats for finicky cats, and can be crumbled on top of cat food as well to tempt a cat into eating more dinner.

  High Yummy Factor!

Feed Chicken Safely!: Having to purge our treat cabinet of several items after all the recent concerns about chicken treats for dogschicken cat treats healthy and cats that originated in China, Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken treats can safely fill the void. Made from 100% human grade chicken breast meat that has beed USDA approved, this is absolutely one of the best cat treats available. No preservatives, additives, flavorings, just wholesome white-meat chicken. These are large, freeze-dried chunks of meat that are happily carried away by feisty eaters but can also be easily broken into more managable sizes for more delicate eaters. You can also place them in warm water to re-hydrate creating a soft chicken snack as another option. This is an excellent and healthy cat treat for putty tats with weight problems too - very low in fat, high in protein and apparently very, very tasty.  High quality, high protein chunks of chicken that are - most important of all- human grade chicken made in the U.S.A. Yay!


Best Cat Treat with a Benefit: Think the litter box could be just a little less stinky? Have a putty cat who passes gas? Pet Naturals Smesmelly cat treatslly Cat  is one of the best cat treats you will ever find. Not only are they yummy, and widely accepted by finicky and feisty cats alike, they have a special formula and an almost magical mix of ingredients that will reduce litter box odors, flatulence and even bad breath! Smelly Cat combines specific factors including a special type of mushroom into a daily chew that helps reduce fecal odor and foul breath, and maintain a cleaner intestinal condition. We certainly never expected this amazing little fish-shaped treat to work - but it does work! Try it, you will all like it! 

        Less Smelly!

The Classic Cat Treat: No doubt about it cats love milk. The old cliche of someone placing a saucer of milk on the windowsill for the cat to lap up, well, it would definately fit snuggly in every cats reality. Only problem is, many (not all) cats are cat milk treatlactose-intolerant. So if that treat you lovingly provide ends up causing loose stool and other general upset there is a solution!  Cat-Sip Real Milk cat treat. There are several milks on the market made specifically for cats, but this seems to be the most delicious based on cat reaction. Cat -sip is a real, lactose-free, 1% low fat, ultra-pasteurized milk that is treated with an enzyme that breaks down the sugars that your cat can't . It's real milk! Yay! Cat-Sip comes in a milk-carton like container that can be stored at room temperature when sealed, and then refrigerated after opening. We usually pour some in a little bowl and let it sit at room temperature for about five minutes before serving. An excellent, very exciting snack that earns a best cat treats recomendation because it's just as satisfying to give as to receive. There is something very right about...

               A Saucer of Milk!

Cats Love This: Thecat grass Rocket Cats Cat Grass Garden Kit is a beautiful and simple kit that contains all you will need to create a neat little garden for your cat. . Just add water to the oat seeds and in a matter of days you will have a container of fresh, safe grass for your cats to munch on. Grass is one of those things that some cats will just ignore so it's not a sure thing, but if your cat enjoys this little garden it can satisfy some natural tendencies. Chewing grass can help with hairball problems, especially with long-haired cats, and the grass chewing is an activity that is kind of play-like, so adds another dimension of fun to the day. These seeds usually start sprouting in about 4 days and are ready to eat in about a week.  A really nice and healthy change of pace, particularly for indoor cats and city cats who might not even get to small grass through the window. Many cats will sniff and rub against it as well as snack on it.
                      Fresh Grass!

100% Organic Ingredients: With organic ingredients including free-range chicken, this is one of the best cat treats and certainly one of the most healthy cat treats on cat treatsthe market. Sure Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Cat Treats talk the talk but do they actually taste good? Absolutely! These little fish-shaped cat treats are made in the U.S.A. and graded organic by the USDA. You might be tempted to try them yourself because they smell delicious and since they are made with human-grade free-range chicken you could probably snack on worse. These are small, crunchy little drum-stick shaped cat snacks that are very appealing. This is a very good treat if you are attempting to train your cat, because they are bite-size and don't need to be broken down. High quality and great taste in a natural cat treat? You can't go wrong. 

        Organic Excellence!


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