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Snowshoe catThe best cat toys can keep the kitten in your cat purring, and keep you lively too! There are interactive toys like our number one pick the simply awesome cat charmer a piece of fabric on a stick that is worth its weight in gold,

and there are free-play type toys like the cheese chase which can keep your cats attention even if your not initiating the game. The best cat toys range from a simple catnip filled squirrel to an exciting well designed track or tunnel because they provide hours of healthy interaction and joyful play. And play keeps us happy and young! See all our favorites here... King Cat
Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!

cat dancer

An All-Time Classic: The Cat Dancer is a simple idea perfectly executed. Colorful, stimulating and sturdy enough for some intense play sessions, it is a superb interactive cat toy, that can get everyone involved, cats and humans alike.  Once you and your cat start playing with this "cat charmer" you will really appreciate the details that have been overlooked in similiar toys - the length of the ribbon and the handle, how the two pieces are joined, the feel, the color and the sound, the Cat Dancer is best cat toys....


Cats Love This!: Ever watch your cat play with a shopping rainbow tunnel cat toy
bag? Ever leave the bag in the middle of the living room for three weeks because you didn't have the heart to take it away? Well this Collapsible Rainbow Tunnel will fill the void and look adorable doing it. The play is up to the cat with this toy, and some just enjoy cuddling up in it, but others can burn alot of energy charging in and out and even rolling around in it. The tunnel is expandable and lined with soft fleece so its a great place for a nap, but there is also an irresistable pom pom dangling inside that can get things stirred up. Very attractive and lots of fun.


Banana Knows Best: This company makes several adorable fruit shaped toys but take our word for it there is just something about this Yellow Banana Catnip Toy that yellow bananaputs a Yeowww! in meow. Catnip doesn't have an affect on all cats (maybe 60%) but the size and shape of this toy seems to turn on a little prey drive even in some very mellow kitties. This toy, if used as much as ours are, will need to be replaced every few months, it tends to get a bit dingy over time - but that means its being played with - lots and lots. 

  Fun With Fruit!

Feline Engineered: Cats will actively play on their own if they cheese chase cat toyhave a toy that is interesting enough. It needs to sound good, smell good, and the moving parts need to evoke some sense of prey. Well this is it! Petstages Cheese Chase Ball Track This is the one toy sharp enough to keep my extra demanding Traditional Siamese Kenny at bay when something critical actually requires my undivided attention.  I drop it in the dishwasher once a month or so and Ken waits for the rinse cycle to stop.

       For Your Smarty-cat!

Stinkie in a Good Way: The Tin of Stinkies, featuring 3 catnip stuffed sardines, is an excellent test of whether your cat is suceptable to the woo of catnip. This catnip is extra strong and its packed into an stinkiesenticing shape. One cat I thought was immune and never paid any attention to catnip was quite thrilled with these cute sardines and played like a kitten again. Well-made with adorable packaging and very generous with the catnip. This 3-pack makes a nice gift too because it is very funny, fresh and unique. 
  Kinda Crazy!

Beautiful: A sweet, colorful, little house with a sneaky mouse in every window,mouse house the Mouse Tales Mouse House is one of the most adorable and entertaining best cat toys you will ever see. Kids are attracted to it as much as cats and watching the whole family play together can be a very satisfying way to pass the time. My friend has two 4 year olds- one little red-haired girl and one big Ragdoll cat and the Mouse House is the toy of choice when the two of them are bellies-down on the livingroom rug hard at play...

                            Too Cute!

Sit Back and Relax: Sure you could use some excersise, but watching your cat become addicted to the Cat Amazing Interactive Puzzle Box Game can be very exciting. Although some cats are not intrigued, most cats-particularly cats who like to carefully reach their paws into teacups, papertowel rolls, etc. - are simply cat amazingfascinated by the concept. Hide a small toy or some treats inside the maze and watch the thought process as your pussycat Einstein figures out how to get it. There is definately an addictive quality to this game/toy, and I have seen some cats get into it like it's a video game. This is one of the best cat toys if you are looking for something they will actively play with by themselves. It works well in multi-cat households as too - a very innovative yet super simple concept executed very nicely.

       Hands-Free Fun!


Cool Cat Facts... cool cat
Close to 2 million deserving cats and kittens are adopted from state and local animal shelters every single year in the U.S.A.  Hopefully the new owners use a New kitten checklist to help things run smooth!


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