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Snowshoe catThe best cat carriers are broken down into four catagories. First you have the classic hard-sided, travel-safe, and airline approved cat carriers designed for the airplane cargo hold. The best cat carriers of this type are focused on secure containment and the safety of the occupant.

For carry-on travel there are airline-approved cat carriers that fit under your seat. These are still designed with safety in mind but are well-padded, smartly engineered and surprisingly stylish. Next you will find cool cat carriers that are soft-sided and provide more general comfort. The best cat carriers of this style are great for trips to the vet, road-trips etc. And the fourth type of carrier for cats is the day-carrier. Cool cat carriers of this type are designed for the lucky cat who gets to go everywhere. These shoulder-bag, or totebag type cat carriers usually have a stylish appearance and place emphasis not just on the comfort of the cat nestled in the totebag, but on the comfort of the human doing the carrying. These are usually not the best cat carriers for trips that might require your cat sleep overnight in it, or need water and food provided, but they are cozy and just right for taking in the sights. See all our favorite cool cat carriers here... King Cat
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Best Airline Approved Carry-on Cat Carrier: This gorgeous and very cool cat carrier is the Argo Aero-Pet Airline Approved Cat Carrier. This carrier is impecably made and exceeds TSA requirements for argo cat carrierairline safety. Definately the easiest carrier to fit under a seat, and so well-designed ergonomicaly it can take alot of the stress of airline travel out of the equation for both you and your cat. Big enough for 15 pound+ cats, yet cozy and well-padded inside with 6 dark mesh double-layer windows, removable interior panels for easy cleaning, and a very comfortable shoulder strap. There is a convenient zippered pocket on the outside for traveling papers and treats. The sport-tote style bag doesn't look anything like a pet carrier and that can be a big bonus, particularly if you are traveling with a shy cat who would prefer not to be oogled by strangers.....


Best Soft-sided Cat Carriers: For this catagory we have several choices that we really love. Not all of these bags are for airline travel but these are just the kind of cool cat carriers you'll want for toting your cat to collapsible carrier in pinkthe groomers, the vet, or the seashore for the weekend. 

1) First up is the  Pawhut Soft Sided Collapsible Cat Carrier Bag . Not just very cute, this cat travel bag offers a very convenient feature- it quickly and easily collapses down to only about 4 inches high to tuck away when not in use. Kenny, my traditional Siamese, likes to use the collapsed carrier as a little cushioned throne while we're driving, then I zip it together and he collapsible cat carrier blueclimbs in to be carried from car to final destination. Soft, well-made, and with lots of ventilation, it provides the visibility most cats desire but maintains that sense of security that makes traveling with your cat so much more comfortable. Something to keep in mind and that might be a possible drawback depending on how you plan to use it is the fact that this particular cat carrier bag doesn't come with a shoulder strap, so not only must you use the top handle, but the top of the bag must always be completely zipped closed for you to carry it.  Otherwise it is just...


2) Our next submission in the soft-sided category of best cat carriers is the long-time favorite Sherpa Duffle Carrier This handsome, soft-sided, duffle-style cat carrier is airline cat duffle travel bagapproved too, so you can go pretty much anywhere with it. A sturdy shoulder strap and the ability to open the top of the door while your carrying the bag makes it perfect for any travel situation. This very cool cat carrier has a faux sheepskin lining, beautiful handles and stitching, and thoughtful details including a zippered side pocket and a little leather luggage tag. Multiple dark-colored mesh windows provide that critical sweet-spot of visibility and privacy, and two sizes accomodate cats up to about 14lbs.

     Classic Comfort!

Best Handbag-Style Cat Carrier: So you have a cat that hates to be left behind? This gorgeous bag is for the cat black bagthat likes to go everywhere. Not typical behavior for cats, but there are occasionally some special characters that are very social and very cool in all circumstances. A bag like this Backbone Sherpa Series Soft Leather Pet Carrier makes shopping and socializing with your cat a very stylish event. Padded, stitched and finished like a fine handbag, with plenty of pockets for your stuff, and your cats stuff -no additional purse required- The best part about this particular bag is that it was built with stiffer side walls than most handbag, purse or tote-style cat carrier, and 3/4 inch thick floor padding that gives a firm base and a nice, secure feeling for your cat. There is an interior hardware clip that allows you to safely connect your cats leash and not worry about a startled kitty bolting out. Yorkies and Bichons should not be the only little people out on the town in a beautiful black handbag! One of the best cat carriers we've seen in the day-carry line as far as style, design, quality and value.


Best Hard-sided Cat Carrier: This is hands-down the best cat carrier we can recomend if you are looking for the rugged, classic safety of a hard-sided cat carrierbest hard sided cat carrier The Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel, in Metallic Pearl Tan has a sweet design that actually manages to make a plastic box beautiful. Beyond the aesthetics, though, this is not just your Grandma's cat carrier. The door shape, latch design and molding are all ergonomical improvements over the original plastic cargo crates, but the absolute best (and soon to be your favorite) feature of this carrier is the top door loading door. Easy on your back, and easy on your cat, in general, most cats prefer (or object less) to beng loaded through a top entry.  You will all love it!

               Top Door Terrific!

Best Cat Stroller: When discussing the best cat carriers the thought arises - why not push instead of carry? The Blue Posh Pet Stroller is the cat strollerperfect purchase if you aren't sure your cat will take to being wheeled through the park or whisked down the block. Well made but very affordable, it provides excellent visability with a panoramic view for your cat to take in the sights. An enclosed stroller is an excellent alternative to letting your cat roam unattended, and a mesh-sided stroller offers fresh air to sniff and amazing experiences to be had. Before, your indoor cats could only dream of gliding out into the unknown, but now they can be out on the town in total safety.  Nicely designed with a cup-holder for you and liberty for your kitty!
  Smells like Freedom!


Cool Cat Facts... cool cat
Close to 2 million deserving cats and kittens are adopted from state and local animal shelters every single year in the U.S.A.  Hopefully the new owners use a New kitten checklist to help things run smooth!


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