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Snowshoe catTo your cat, the best cat beds can be simple or sensational, a dishtowel on the windowsill or a miniature velvet throne. Cool cat beds come in all shapes and sizes but the

choice and placement of your cats bed can be very important to the ultimate health and happiness of the family.  For a kitten or a new cat, finding a cozy cat bed in the right spot to call their own will make for a happy welcome. When it comes to location, think protected but with good visibility. Cats want to see but not neccessarily be seen, that's why they so often end up on the top of the refrigerator- high, dry and discreet. When you can't offer a secluded location, the best cat beds are the hooded style beds to provide the coziness. Cats love warmth so heated beds are becoming more and more popular. They can provide general comfort for any cat but the evenly distributed and safe warmth of the best heated cat beds can be a blessing for the old bones and joints of senior cats. Go to the heated cat bed page for several great recommendations. Finally, sometimes it's the smell that needs a makeover. The best cat beds don't just feel right, they smell right, but brand new cat beds often have a sterile or factory smell. Place some of your clothing in the bed, a shirt or soft jacket that will transform the bed from something new and strange to something very inviting. The right smell can change everything.
Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule! King Cat

Multi-purpose modern art!cat lounge

The PetFushion cat scratcher lounge may end up being your cats favorite spot - wherever you put it. This is hands down the most widely loved item I have ever purchased for my cats. This incredibly cool cat bed is a beautifully designed combination sleep station/scratching post made from compressed recycled materials. It looks like a piece of sculpture and attracts cats like a magnet. It may not strike you as comfy looking, but the gently curved shape cradles cats and seems to relax them. One of the best cat beds available and one of the best-reviewed cat products ever....

Cacool cat bedn You Say Cozy?

Ever watch your cat play with a shopping bag? 
Ever leave the bag in the middle of the living room for three weeks because you didn't have the heart to take it away? Well this Armarkat Cave Shaped Cat Bed will fill the void and look quite handsome doing it. The dimensions and depth of this bed seem to hit a sweet spot with most cats. The front step-over is high enough to provide a nice protected feeling, but the opening is big and wide offering the visibility that is so important. It is machine washable, waterproof and extra soft, with a clean, crisp, non-cutesy design that blends in any decor, but is particularly appealing for man-caves (it's cave-shaped ya know)

Verpink fur cat bedy Prettdy!g

This is one of the best cat beds if you wanta really pretty bed that your cat will actually use. The FurHaven Pet Nap Cat Cave Bed comes in three beautiful colors with a lux-looking suede exterior and a super plush, extra soft velour interior.  It is trimmed with long, fluffy faux fur that is just as fun to cuddle in as play with. These beds are special. This is a semi-hooded style cat bed that doesn't require any burrowing but has the height around the back to give a real sense of security. The foam this bed is constructed of is medical grade and holds its shape extremely well. Delicate looking though it may be, the frost blue version of this bed I got for a friend of mine and her two Himalayan cats looks brand new after 4 years!

Hanwool cat bedd-Made!

One-of-a-kind, handmade, 100% wool, these beds are exquisite. They have a marble-type color pattern that is very earthy and an amazing texture and smell that will make you wish you could have one hand- made in your size! Created with all natural materials this 100% Merino Wool - Felted Cat Cave would be the cave of choice for some very lucky cats. The fully rounded shape of this bed is very unique and especially appealing to cats who like to curl completely around themselves when sleeping.  This is also one of the best cat beds when you need a hooded bed placed directly on the floor. This is a bed designed for cats under 15 lbs, but large cats will love it, oozing in head-first and rotating carefully around until they are facing front and completely cocooned in soft, luxoriuos Merino wool.  These beds have a particularly chic and stylish look and this rounded, womb-like shape has become increasingly popular.


 Cool Cat Facts... cool cat
Close to 2 million deserving cats and kittens are adopted from state and local animal shelters every single year in the U.S.A.  Hopefully the new owners use a New kitten checklist to help things run smooth!


O.K. so while you check out all the fancy felines in the -Cat Breeds Encyclopedia- keep in mind that all breed descriptions are generalizations and don't apply to all individuals. Learn about your potential new best friend, research breeds and breeders thoroughly, and always remember...Cats Rule!

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