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Learn About All These Different Cat Breeds!American Shorthair kittens

Snowshoe catGotta See Cats? Search the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia to discover facts, photos and information about all the different kinds of cats and all the cat varieties in the world today. See kitten photos of each breed. See all the unusual breeds of feline available including hairless cat breeds, kid-friendly cats, the most popular cat breeds as well as rare, wild, and exotic breeds of cats. Get up-close and purrsonal with special kittens from each cat breed and explore their different personalities. The housecat has been part of our lives for thousands of years, and the world of pure-bred and pedigree domestic cats is full of variety, beauty, and fun. Celebrate one of human-kinds closest companions and oldest friends - the Cat!  Enjoy the journey and always remember.......Cats Rule!King Cat

Animal extreme close-up - tuxedo cat

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